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Second baking, after the faubourg Saint-Antoine (Xi), for Olivier Magne, meilleur ouvrier de France in 2015. To attend for its tasty breads natural-yeast (loaf of rye, campaign, bun coal-fired plant) and its pastries fun (bread, Anthony’s chocolate and orange peel, spinner, lemon and black currant, rose brownie and crème brûlée pistachio). Also note the pastries (flan, tarte Bourdaloue, lemon and chocolate), sandwiches, and salads for lunch on the go.

Flour & O. 10, rue des Martyrs (Ninth). Tel.: 01 48 78 20 17. Everyday sf mar. Baguette tradi: 1,10 €. Bread of Antoine: 1,80 €.

At the End of the Field At the End of the Field. Alexia Marais

Six shops scattered throughout Paris (soon to be seven) and a Levallois for this brand launched in 2013, which works with producers of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and eggs, and ensures a shipment daily. Seasonality, locavorisme, sustainable agriculture or organic and fair remuneration are the commitments of this …

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