HO36 is first of all a concept, already declined to Lyon, les Menuires, at Avignon, and now, since Christmas in la Plagne-Centre: under one roof, a hotel, otherwise known as “hostel”, a dormitory under the name of “rooms to share”, a bar and a restaurant. A little disconcerting, The building of la Plagne offers upon his arrival a strange silhouette.

Facade is old-fashioned 70’s, stairway gross and home minimalist in a sort of reception desk. Arrived at the first floor level, which also corresponds to a ground-floor terrace, we find a large room with a bar and restaurant, which penetrates light and snowy landscape. A large bar occupies a part of it. Tables and a pool table fill the rest of this living room. In another room, in the bottom of the room, a library and games room (company) have been improvised between comfortable couches, colorful, close to the ground, an invitation to collapse in socks after skiing.

A ceiling studded with a multitude of fireflies

If in the middle of the day the whole, seems rather ordinary, with the exception of the view of the mountains and the trails, at night, with a ceiling studded with a multitude of fireflies, the space becomes downright attractive. The rooms, distributed on two floors are accessible by a staircase only. Ours, n°206, gives onto a balcony whizzing by that short on the whole floor and is accessed by a door-window. Walls and ceiling in frisette painted in a dark blue and gray ash…

We can not say that the decoration, which is just a mirror round suspended to a cord, has represented the bulk of the investment. No tv either, in the evening it lacks a bit even if the internet connection is very powerful. Storage space almost non-existent, no corner office, a mini-chair in a corner, two night tables and a chest of dwarf to any furniture. To review.

The lobby bar H036

The bathroom is small to the point that we can not ask the machine to home, except on the dryer. The shower shut up in a cabin in plastic components and is, despite its small size, very nice. But what a great idea to suspend the single mirror to the hangers? This puts it at the height of the chest so that put it above the sink, the positioned height of the face.

Everything for Millennials

More annoying however, soundproofing is insufficient. We hear the door slam and walk in the corridor as it follows, and reach the ear, the conversations. A day under some of the doors of rooms stirs up the noise.

In reality, everything seems to be made to reach the lobby and the lounges benches where good surprises are waiting for us. Side restoration, first of all, it is about the simplicity of a brasserie kitchen, with a base of very good products in a short circuit. Vegetable soup, salade lyonnaise (bacon farmers), onion soup, where dessert meringue fully home, for example. The excellent chef, Thierry Jacques, a native of the Pyrenees, even gives cooking classes on Mondays and Wednesdays from 15h to 17h, (participation of 20€ per pers.).

then Comes the user-friendliness of the place which blends different types of clientele, including local and seasonal. The service is provided by boys and girls, quite young, but ultra-friendly and do not hesitate to engage in conversation and are careful not to leave out of the field the lonely one night… This is the plus point of this accommodation is indefinable, not entirely a hotel, not a real youth hostel. In the target of the management, the highly sought-after customer base of Millennials, (20-30 years). A volatile mixture that comes from giving to the resort of La Plagne is a true hit of young and in which after a small time of adaptation it starts to feel very comfortable. A bit like in a family home that we eventually no longer see the imperfections as there are forged emotional links.

It is important finally to put the institution in perspective of its fee schedule. The 11 double rooms are from€ 80, and this does not exceed the height of the season 200€. Side rooms to share, (12 in total) there is a 25€ the bed up to 45€ maximum for example during the school holidays. For accommodation in the winter sports 40 meters of tracks that seem to us to be quite reasonable. With a little effort it could a little improve the comfort of the rooms, the concept does not always have to be right back…

there’ll : La Plagne Centre, phone: ; www.ho36hostels.com/la-plagne

what is the price? From 80€ to 200€.

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