This is set up as a music paper. Each spring since 1987, hundreds of flying objects with bright colors invade for nine days, the skies of Berk-sur-Mer, the seaside resort of Pas-de-Calais. Perfectly identified, these aerodynes, a term scientist to set heavier than the air, dance the saraband to the top of the golden sand. From 10 hours to 18 hours, they are relentlessly and silently in the wind, Hauts-de-France. These are, of course, kites.

Saturday, April 6, has been given the kick off of the 33rd Rencontres internationales de cerfs-volants. They are more than 500 to take off from the long beach of the bay of Authie, skilfully guided by a hundred of deer-volistes from all over the world. The feast lasts until Sunday, April 14, joyful, good-natured. And it’s free. Each vintage is its theme. The trip was chosen for 2019. I mean a trip to this country of wonders that is the universe of the kite, whose origin and use, poetic, religious, military… date back to the dawn of time.

Festival animal: the octopus by five… of the Town of Berck-sur-Mer

For more information, visit the dedicated website of the event: the beautiful story of the kite is told. On the way, thanks to new technologies that allow, in a few clicks, to go back in time. The fact remains that, well before their advent, the kite was already up to great things. Aerial photographs, for example, with a device suspended. This method was to interest the amplitude of the shot (from 2 to 3 meters up to 1 km altitude) and the possibility of approaching a subject much closer that it would not be permitted with a plane or a helicopter. And when we know that these latter were not yet born when the first pictures by “photo-kite flying” were made, in 1888, it is said that the drônes ultimately did nothing invented…

The animals make their show

moreover, the drônes are prohibited to stay in Berck-sur-Mer during the Rencontres Internationales de cerfs-volants. Every morning, at 11 hours, to provide the public with a session of photo-kite flying in immortalizing a fresco of human forming one or more words, depending on the number of extras. And as the more the merrier, the merrier, everyone is invited to participate at the table. Other friendly animation, special kids-only this time, the initiation of the construction of kites. Opening workshops to 10 hours, the design being coached by the facilitators and then, place to practice, with the flying school framed by pros.

On the sand, “crowns” giant, exclusive creations Michel Gressier. Town of Berck-sur-Mer

The animals are also doing their air shows. Octopus, giant, gummy bears multi-colored, fawn escaped from the savanna… the kites have the gift of taking all forms. The year 2019 will also be hosting the longest in the world. It is a fish-purple, with the tips of the fins red: a manta ray of 150 m length and 75 m wide), the work of the new Zealander Peter Lynn, kitemaker, engineer and inventor of the greatest kites on the planet. And of course, there will also be dragons, chinese as it should be, the critters are fantastic 5/6 m-long grin and with scales of green and yellow.

gardens extraordinary

In the category of small is beautiful, now here is the “arches”, which are structures composed of several fleets of small diamonds-green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and indigo: the color of the rainbow. Connected between them by a horizontal line anchored on the ground, these facilities are very aerial, one static, the other dance. For the French team that directs them, it is sport. These devices are also called “kites sports”.

Some grow their “garden of the wind” on a patch of sand of 50 m2. Town of Berck-sur-Mer

Berck, we don’t just lift up his eyes to heaven. On the sand, it is also things. A dozen of the “bowls” and “crowns” will be given in show. It looks like portholes and diaphragms. Lashed to concrete blocks, they move close to the ground in the wind. These amazing large flying objects (8.3 m to 19 m in diameter) are the exclusive creations of the painter “and” sculptor of the wind” French Michel Gressier.

Another subject of astonishment, the “gardens of the wind”: flower beds, water mills, mobile, animals… Animated by the breath of wind, these beds are designed with materials and recycled objects, plastic bottles, CD, paper, sails of boat. The gardens are a twenty this year, a record, to cultivate their patch of sand of 50 m2.

Finally, next Saturday, April 14, the kites will be at night. To 22 hours, will take place the traditional “night flight” with kites illuminated from the inside or followed by projectors, which will also participate in the fireworks show that was to follow. But for the first time since 1987, the evening will begin as soon as 21 hours for a parade on the esplanade that runs along the sea. When you are told that it is a journey to the land of wonders.

Saturday, April 14, boarding at 22 hours for the “night Flight” Laurent Quinkal


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