good books are usually a “terra incognita” to discover emergency. We find out for sure in these strange islands that are the libraries, these oases of knowledge scattered in the heart of the city. Then that opens the new edition issued in Paris, this exhibition that we consider reason as “the largest bookstore in France,” the Figaroscope had the urge to approach a half-dozen captains of scripture in order to confront them with a sample of booksellers enthusiasts: Yannick Haenel and Marie-Rose Guarniéri at the librairie des Abbesses, Sylvie Le Bihan, and Stanislas Rigot at librairie Lamartine, Véronique Ovaldé and Nathalie Iris to the bookstore, The Words in the Margin, Philippe Lançon and Anne-Laure Vial at the Bookstore HERE, Sylvie Le Bihan, and Stanislas Rigot at librairie Lamartine, Paul Fournel and Philippe Touron at the bookstore Le Divan, and Nicolas Robin and Olivier Gallais at the Bookstore Ideal.


Reigning as happy robinsons on their treasure island, these men and women are those who bring very often drives it to port by their advice. To convince ourselves, it is only to read the secrets in the stereo of our six tandems roped to one another for the occasion.

Such pirates literary always in search of fiction, our friends novelists have – seems-t-he – loved her on the shore friendly these stalls dedicated to their works. The anchor is strong as the links that are woven between booksellers and writers. Create a link today through the books, it is to ensure the possibility of an island… like a little paradise full of culture, joy and elegance.


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