The engineers from Dyson have not been sitting idly. At both technological and in terms of design, the builder English never stops, and at best, invent new products, and the worst of perfecting the existing ones. Or even revisit. This is the case of the air purifier which, with the Dyson Pure Cool to Me, wants to become staff. It is an option. A new way of seeing things. There is no question here of a heavy and bulky module aimed at trôner in the living room as a beautiful sculpture, but an object can be moved at will. He will, given his measurements, but without a handheld device, to be able to follow its user everywhere in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Do not, however, find a handful to move, or even a built-in battery for keeping you cool under a tent this summer.

The Pure Cool treats Me, the air in the home through a layer of activated charcoal and glass HEPA (air particulate (high-efficiency) that, according to Dyson, will capture 99,95% of dirt particles and unwanted. The air spring pure and took the opportunity to refresh the atmosphere around you. There is thus a double-sided non-negligible. It thus promises to clean up to 40 litres per second of air space staff. It is not, of course, like its predecessors, is designed to clean the air of a whole room.

Concept of well-being

The Dyson Pure Cool to Me. Dyson

The air flow can be controlled through a technology house the “Core Flow”. The dome convex located at the top of the device creates a flow of air specific and high pressure whose direction and strength are modified according to the needs.

other features include a setting oscillation 70 degrees, a shutdown timer, reminders, integrated to indicate when the air filter needs to be changed and an LCD display indicating the speed of the air flow, the modes and the lifetime of the filter.

The british firm, therefore, focusing more on the concept of well-being, this trend is. She has also taken the opportunity to market in recent months two other products of the same category.

first, the Dyson Lightcycle, is a working light in a very sophisticated and looking curiously like a crane (available in version desk lamp or floor lamp to the ground). It can automatically adjust the temperature of the light, depending on the age of the consumer, the ambient light or time of day. The glass bulb, cooled by a drop trapped in a copper tube sealed under vacuum, and the ambition is a life of 60 years.

The second is a model still most successful of its vacuum cleaner brushes without wire, now in version 11.

Price: 349 €

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