Met in New York, which takes place on Tuesday 4 December the parade of the métiers d’art Chanel, Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion of the claw, has announced the removal of exotic skins collections and therefore for its leather goods.

“At Chanel, we evaluate continuously our supply chains to ensure they meet our requirements in terms of ethics and traceability,” he said. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to procure exotic skins – crocodile, lizard, snake, and stingray – corresponding to our requirements in terms of ethics. Two alternatives were open to us: to find a way to clean up the sector, which seems less and less feasible in the future ; or to deprive us of these materials by inventing a new generation of products ultraluxe. Although we receive many orders for these bags, as it is called among us “Collector”, we make the choice to stop this type of skins. Today, a bag of exotic owes its value mainly to its raw material and little hand. Us, we will promote the creation, a lot of the know-how, the finishes, to get the exception objects from the finest materials which we control completely the sourcing.”

An important impact on the luxury industry

In regards to the fur, other material of the luxury that fuels the debate now, Mr Pavlovsky says: “We use very little in fact, in our collections. And as for the leather, we continue to work with the food supply chain and with suppliers to be certified, traceable.” This decision on the part of one of the largest clutches of luxury in the world, should have a significant impact on the industry of the luxury bags in exotic skins that have been, those behind years, especially on the new markets, a financial godsend extraordinary.


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