St. James. For its first line of bags, Church’s has borrowed its name to the street of Northampton, in the Midlands, where the activity of the factory began in 1873, in the family home. It is also the name of the london district which were opened its first office and shop in the shadow of Big Ben. This collection consists of multiple formats of briefcases, school bags, pouches and bags 24 hours with simple lines, will revolutionize the sector of the leather goods male. Nevertheless, it corresponds to a demand of the market and, even more, to the expectations of fans of the shoemaker English.

The loyalty of a brand towards its customers is very important , insists Anthony Romano, who has taken over the management of the company in 2016. With our shoes, we get a panel of more and more wide men, ranging from the businessman at the peak of their career at a young graduate in search of shoes to go with his first costume, passing through the plugged given to products with strong heritage. Of course, like everything in the world, we seek to recruit other consumers, and their transmit our values by launching, in addition, sneakers. But the heart of our business remains closely linked to the world of the business man.

“The loyalty of a brand towards its customers is very important”

Anthony Romano, at the head of Church’s

a year ago, this “integrity” of the company, has pushed him to repatriate its headquarters and its administrative services in the United Kingdom, after fifteen years spent in Milan, following the acquisition of the brand by the group Prada in 1999, which had so far not undertaken this diversification in leather goods. “ Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli have always been inspired by Church’s, from its history and its know-how, ” says Mr. Romano. If, for a long time, their idea was not to change anything, it is now time to move on to another step while respecting the DNA.

the Only exception to the spirit british of the collection, the leather bags in the aspect raster are produced in Italy, unlike shoes exclusively mounted in Albion according to techniques and points to the hand, dating back more than 150 years. “ in The United Kingdom, there are few craftsmen specialized in level of quality similar to that of our bottiers. Addressing this gap is imperative before implementing the production” explains the CEO. In Northampton, of land have recently been acquired for extension of the plant – the first blow of the pickaxe should not be conditioned on the question of know-how leather. In addition to this launch, it is the set of collections that has been modernized, as well as its distribution network. Ten new stores were opened, from 2017 throughout the world (61 in total) when the e-shop has just been redesigned. Not to mention the line younger for a woman who is experiencing a double-digit growth, reaching 30 % of the activity.

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