This staring us in the face. A next day, the owner of city dwellers will have to leave his car in the garage. The individual car is not condemned for all that. It seems utopian to want to install all the world in public transportation, on a bike or a scooter. Despite the failure of Autolib’, car-sharing is led to develop. It is a response to the suffocation of the movement, due in large part to the reduction of traffic lanes and parking spaces as well as the necessary reduction in pollution. At the same time, the mentalities have evolved. The car becomes less a social marker and the millennials have an approach that is less consumerist. The notion of property tends to fade to the advantage of the service. An evolution which, nevertheless, remains limited to the city. In the France of the territories, the automotive industry is so critical to preserve the mobility of the citizens that it appears difficult to share.

In the confined space of their offices, all the manufacturers phosphorent around the idea of a minimum car, shared and electric. The brand with the double chevron has seized the opportunity of its centenary to show that she was able to renew themselves, to project themselves into the future and to adapt its offer of mobility to the needs of his time. This is the meaning of the concept that Citroën today unveils before exposing it to the eyes of the visitors of the Geneva motor Show in a fortnight. A second vehicle will be presented at the salon VivaTech, in may next. It will stage around futuristic forms of comfort embodied by the DS of our elders. With the first demonstrator, the manufacturer revisits the concept of popular car symbolized in its time by the 2 CV. Friend One, this is the name that his sires were chosen, more echo the sympathy that it arouses the sedan Ami 6 in the 1960s. Pretending to be the accomplice of the citizens, the prototype of Geneva is presented as a drive accessible to the greatest number. Like the Renault Twizy 45, Citroën has imagined that she might be driving at the age of 14 years. To be in agreement with this regulation, the Friend One would not exceed the 45 km/h speed is largely sufficient in the city, knowing that the 100% electric propulsion, on which the characteristics have not been disclosed, allows start-ups to be strong. The lithium-ion battery installed flat in the floor would allow an autonomy of 100 km.

The equipment of the Friend One is reduced to its simplest expression: the steering column and the steering wheel concentrate all
the controls and instruments. Bluche Nicolas (273)

unlike the quadricycle Renault is, Friend One presents itself as a real car. No more long (2.50 m) that the first Smart Fortwo was born in 1998, the Citroën refreshes the canons of the minimum car. This small footprint is worth to him to be able to park perpendicular to the sidewalk. As wide as high (1.50 m), the cube, installing the 18-inch wheels to the four corners adhered with its fluffy playful and mischievous. The opposite of challenging Autolib’. Citroën shows that the car shared can make.

Friend One is not only a beautiful object in the living room. It has all the attributes of the car essential dear to Citroën. Thought to be produced a day as standard, this concept is based on a real design intelligence.
Stripped of any superfluous, Friend One stimulus with a certain idea, modernized and relevant, the 2 CV while continuing the work with the prototype C-Cactus 2007. All the art Friend One lies in the search for savings by reducing the number of parts. The front and rear and the rocker panels are the same, the wings diagonally also. This is still the case of the doors has a opening direction differential, that of the driver opening antagonistically to facilitate access on board. It unlocks by playing, via his smartphone, the QR code present on the aluminium stand close to the glass. Again, it is the mobile which ensures the startup of the vehicle. Simply place it in the area of inductive charging to connect to Friend One. The equipment is reduced to its simplest expression. The dashboard has disappeared, leaving bare the bulkhead engine. The steering column and the steering wheel, concentrating all the controls and instruments. Two buttons activate the voice command or the drop down menu to navigate in the 5-inch screen located in front of the steering wheel and topped with a blade translucent.

View as a laboratory of the urban mobility of tomorrow, Friend One would be thinking for a multitude of uses, ranging from the rental of short duration (5 minutes) to the long-term lease (5 years)

We can blame the Citroën of not being able to accommodate two people when the Peugeot BB1 came in 2009 to accommodate four in a format that is also reduced. But the architecture of the vehicle should be designed to accommodate a third passenger. A ten-year interval, it is still Xavier Peugeot, the man of the product of the rafters, which is to the maneuver. The car of pocket-would it be his passion? The passenger seat is fixed and back to maximum in order to preserve an ease of movement to each of the two occupants. In front of the passenger, a space has been adapted to fit a cabin baggage and a hand bag. Behind the two seats to the simplified architecture and designed to be easy to maintain, it is still possible to install baggage. The cabin bathed in light builds on a windshield very flared and overflowing on the sides and on a roof canvas.

as a laboratory of the urban mobility of tomorrow, Friend One would be thinking for a multitude of uses, ranging from the rental of short duration (5 minutes) to the long-term lease (5 years) by way of purchase. The car-sharing service of PSA, started since last December in Paris, constitutes a precious experimentation ground. The 550 vehicles deployed are “free floating”, that is to say that it is possible to park on any place in Paris intra-muros. Use Free2Move amounts to 32 cents per minute (with a subscription fee of 9.90 € per month) or 39 cents (without a subscription). The success of car-sharing will be conditioned on the integrity of each user but also in respect of the equipment. The level of degradation and hygiene in which was often the park Autolib’ has instilled doubt in our mind.


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