This is a sign of the state of the country. A demonstration of the level of wealth of the population. French motorists are buying mostly small cars. Seven towns, and their derivatives and SUV’s occupy the first ten places in the ranking of the best selling cars. During this time, our German neighbours are rolling in big cars. Only one city was included in their top five. When the Germans really like the Volkswagen Golf, the archetype of the family compact, the Renault Clio truste the first places of the podium French. These two guys lead the dance on the european market. And, if the small the diamond is leading the race for several years, the Peugeot 208, its main competitor, follows her like her shadow. The two of them provide almost 10 % of registrations in france.

If the French are buying less of these great models that their neighbors germans and English, it is also due to a taxation thereof: confiscatory, especially for companies. The threshold for triggering the penalty was lowered to 116 g/km of CO2. The purchase of small cars was not the result of a voluntarism exacerbated but trade-offs between the different sources of household expenditure. The weight higher than other parts of the housing, so as to concessions. To this is added the anxiety of the next day. The teams of the two manufacturers knead all these data at the time of writing a new page of their best-sellers. To Laurens van den Acker, the design director of a rhombus, “the lines of the Clio had to convey the quality and sophistication”. For Gilles Vidal, his alter-ego at Peugeot, “the 208 was to express joy and belief in the future, in spite of the ambient climate”.

The dashboard of the Clio V is uncluttered while the centre console is raised makes them easy to hold gear lever. Renault

These two blockbusters will observe, to spy, to track. It is so true that they are renewed this year. The fifth generation of the Clio will be the first on the roads, in June next. A few months before his rival sochalienne but just in time to celebrate the 208 years of the group Peugeot. Such a symbol. Despite this gap commercial, there was no question for the lion to leave the diamond look after the media space and these two divas of the market will make their first public appearance at the Geneva motor show, next week. Without waiting, Le Figaro is delivered to a first face-to-face. The next 208 will she be able to snatch the first place in the Clio? It is the wish of the house franc-comtoise because, behind the race numbers and volumes, is played to the honor of the house and his staff.

citadines become large

the silhouette of The 208 has suffered throughout his career for not being sufficiently imposing.

Are you a Clio or 208? Until now, the advantage turned in favour of the first mentioned. These favors were based, first, on the aesthetic. The Clio IV, the first model of the new era initiated by Laurens van den Acker in 2012, was much appreciated for its curves and its curves to its master, who was having a great. Yet, in phase with the sporty image of the brand Peugeot, the silhouette of the 208 has suffered throughout his career for not being sufficiently imposing. The designers of the lion led by Gilles Vidal have been remedied by lengthening its replacement of 90 mm, while the lowering of 30 mm (1.43 m). The elongation of the cover thanks to the decline of the windshield changes the game of proportions and returns the picture of a small 308. The hood is domed and carved, the recovery in house codes such as the light signature with three claws and the black band covering the entire width of the stern, or even the design of the rear quarter referring to the 205, end up to strengthen the personality of a city that renews really the kind. The fender flares black lacquer will accompany the finishes above.

For its part, Renault has not considered it useful to break the mold of a car that continues to please. High school Golf, the Clio evolves smoothly. The handles of the rear doors are still encased in the amounts, and if the length is identical to that of its rival, the designers sought to reduce the overhang and to extend the lines. It is successful and the Clio V offers a look more serious, which would almost pass for a Mégane. In both cases, the 3-door body is not programmed.

Spirit of Tesla, or Star Trek The 208 now hosts the small steering wheel on the double flat of the 508. Peugeot

By entering the edge of these two citadines French, we note that the boundaries between categories tend to blur. The instrumentation converts the digital (except on the entry of the range) ; the facilities are enriched. The fabrics and color harmonies puts us in our time. The Clio V makes you forget the poor quality of the materials of its predecessor. The dashboard is uncluttered. The high-set centre console is easy on the hands to the shifter. The touch pad vertical and oriented towards the driver evoking the screen Tesla. Several sizes will be based on the proposed versions, but the upper levels will benefit from the model of 9.3 inches when the Space does not exceed 8.7 inch. The air conditioning controls become physical and the navigation in the multimedia system, the black point of the Clio IV, has been simplified. Renault offers for the first three years the update remotely via a smart 4G system and mapping Tomtom.

The 208, more demonstrative, welcomes a new generation of cockpit Peugeot, now integrating the small steering wheel on the double flat of the 508. According to the morphology of the driver and the driving position, the playback information will not be always easy. These are distributed on a new handset 3D (from level 3) referring to the world of aeronautics. The digital display is encased in a housing open on the sides. Turned towards the driver, the slab multimedia is located in the center of the top of the board. Three sizes are provided depending on the finishes and options: 5, 7, or 10 inches. Below is 14 shortcut keys or access key functions. These two city are finally full assistance systems: automatic braking emergency, reading road signs, adaptive cruise control, helps maintain in the way, lane departure warning, headlamps-adaptive, monitoring blind spots, parking aid.

While the habitability is not progressing much, the boot volume will redound to the advantage of the Clio. This is an increase of 61 litres when celiu the 208 loses 10 litres.

Hybrid or electric

This is without no doubt under the hood that both citadines French stand out the most. To do not make shadow to the ZOE, Clio will not be electric. Unlike the 208, which, turning to the platform CMP inaugurated by the DS3 Crossback, accesses to the propulsion zero emission. Despite a weight gain of 300 kg due to the battery of 50 kWh implanted in the floor, the e-208 would have a behavior very dynamic. Peugeot announces an autonomy of 340 km standard (WLTP) for this model, the cost of which to use was not superior to that of an automatic transmission version 100 hp. At Renault, the transition to the structure CMF-B of the Renault-Nissan Alliance allows the arrival in 2020 of a hybrid derived from the study Eolab 2014. The fuel economy would be of the order of 30 % in the city compared to the 1.3 TCe through a combination of a 4-cylinder 1.6 l naturally aspirated 90 hp and two electric machines and a battery of 1.2 kWh allowing 4 to 5 km in all-electric mode.

The importance of customer in business has required the maintenance of the diesel.

The offer heat of the two manufacturers is quite similar. Peugeot has planned a 3-cylinder petrol 1.2 l 75 hp and 100 or 130 hp with a turbo. The Clio announces the same powers, but with a 4-cylinder for the 130. The importance of customer in business has required the maintenance of the diesel. Two versions for the Clio V, the 1.5-Blue dCi available in 85 and 115 hp, compared with only one for the 208, the 1.5 BlueHDi 100 hp. Transmission side, next to the engines, the offer consists of two manual transmissions (5 or 6-speed) and automatic, 8 speed transmission with converter 208 and a dual-clutch 7-speed for the Clio. Finally, the reduction of the carbon footprint in the context of the new standards, has resulted in the removal of the labels RS and GTI of the catalog.


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