Duisburg: Wrong pizza guy robbed woman

The police of Duisburg are searching for two men who robbed on Monday evening, a 62-Year-old in their apartment and robbed. Accordingly, the accused person posing as a pizza delivery boy and tinkled against 23.15 Ur at the door of the later victim. Although this had ordered no Pizza, it opened the door – a mistake. So one of the men pushed the woman to the ground and covered her mouth, while his accomplice in the apartment for valuables searched. In the further course, the man managed to open a safe, before the Duo fled with his prey, a small gold bullion bars.

The 62-Year-old later came to treatment of their injuries in a hospital. The police are now looking to the approximately 170 centimeters tall men, both of which are of slender stature, and in each case dark eyes and hair. Stuff information can be submitted to the officials at the phone number 0203-280-0.

eat: police search for infant

The police of Essen has set the search for a infant at noon. Therefore, have missed the Point that the child may have been exposed to (see message below). The authorities had previously initiated a large-scale search – including a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera, after on Monday evening an Alarm of a baby hatch had been triggered, the following control, however, no child was in it.

Hagen: man running during soccer game and a child

choking is reported As the police, has choked on Saturday at a youth game of a football team, a mitgereister father so much excited that he ran during the game on the game field, and a twelve year old boy. The child complained about pain in the larynx, ranked according to information of the “New Westphalian” air, and had to pass.

Earlier, the Boy was apparently with the peers son of man to each other, it was called by the police. As a result, the 47-year-old father is supposed to be ran on the game field, and the boy choked. Others Present had to restrain the man. The Chairman of the local football circle, Peter Alexander, was compared to the “Westphalia post” frightened: “We will have to first get an accurate picture, don’t want anyone to rush to judgment. But with Assault at a youth game that I have not yet experienced.”

The numerous witnesses of the act are to be heard in the next few days, the police investigation to take. The Boy had to be treated by a physician.

Cologne: driven tank ship again

in the case of low water in the Rhine at Cologne, seized the tank ship is free again. The ship was loaded with 1200 tons of Diesel and in the direction of Bonn on-the-go, as it was late on Monday evening, as the Cologne, the competent water police announced in Duisburg. Was injured in the accident no one. Also, the ship remained intact, it no Diesel came out.

the First Attempts to free the vessel under its own power, failed. For the recovery of the Rhine was closed until late in the morning for a good two hours in both directions. Eleven ships were hit.

eat: police are looking for with a large contingent to infant

In Essen (NRW) has sought the police late on Monday night, with a large contingent after a possibly vulnerable infant. In the operation were involved, according to official data, in addition to a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera also service dogs that should be supported on Tuesday by officials of a hundred, as well as specially trained Mantrailern.

trigger of the insert was, therefore, to a counter 21 at a baby door triggered the Alarm. As an employee, had a look there, however, was the door empty. Instead, a Pair was observed, with a Maxi-Cosi, a kind of Transport cradle for babies, on the nearby Ostfriedhof disappeared and a little later, without these again returned. Because the hospital feared employee, the child could have been placed in the cemetery, they informed the police.

The officers could not find the child, despite the large-scale search. Now you are looking for the above-mentioned couple, which will be described as follows:

both between 20 and 30 years altost-European appearance and medium body-size pattern for woman: long, dark hair man short hair

witnesses who observed the Monday night something Suspicious, or information on the search can make, should contact us under the phone number 0201/829-0 to the police.

Hamburg: Drunk black driver stunned police

this value had not expected the officials for sure: In Hamburg, the Federal police has ascertained the identity of a man who had previously been in black-and-ride in a local train caught. Because the 41-Year-old did not want to show in front of the stewardess, took the police on his Case. As the officials took control of the alcohol smell, they offered the man a voluntary breath alcohol test.

The result is five per thousand. A value that surprised the police, especially because the 41-Year-old neither motor failure phenomenon still had trouble Speaking. Nevertheless, the officials of security called car half a rescue, the crew, however, saw no need for further action. To the hospital the man, but now a criminal case is expected not wanted.

mountains: camels are waiting in front of discounters

Seven camels have gathered at night in the mountains before the branch of a large discount chain. Motorists on the adjacent state road 3 had spotted the animals on late Monday evening in the Parking lot of the supermarket and called the police, a spokeswoman said. Not a Mirage: The camels turned out to be very real, as the incoming officials.

The little flock had escaped from a circus that has to be near the winter camp. In order to prevent a danger to the traffic on the B3, assured the police of the place first. A circus staff brought the animals in their stables. What are the camels during their trip, remained unclear. The branch was closed at your Arrival already.


After your “trip” had to be the animals back in the barn

©Polizeiinspektion Celle Bonn village: a Senior at the Sawing of fir-Tree caught

Six weeks before Christmas, the police in Baden-Württemberg has caught a 80-Year-old for the theft of a fir tree. As the officials said in Freiburg, came to see us on Monday by chance, a Patrol car as the man in Bonn village of sawing off a one and a half meters high fir. This was, however, on municipal land.

The man had indicated, a To have the permission of the Forester, explained the officials. It turned out, however, that this is not true. It was prosecuted for the theft.

Frankfurt/Main: Alarm after the incident in the industrial Park

An incident in an industrial Park in Frankfurt am Main early Tuesday morning, local residents and emergency forces in a breath. In the city of Gries parts of the home and Nied howled several times the warning sirens after a company hydrochloric acid fumes. Finally, the fire brigade gave the all-clear. “The last measurements were negative, so that the warning for Nied and Griesheim can be repealed,” she wrote in the short message service Twitter.

Shortly after four o’clock in the Park Griesheim hydrochloric acid fumes from a Truck Tank were in the industry. By means of sirens, the population was alerted and called to keep Windows and doors closed. The police locked the two parts of the city for cars, the railway traffic has been restricted.

The incident occurred on the premises of Weylchem, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and industrial intermediates. Why the fumes from the Tank leaked, according to the chemical company initially unclear.

news of Monday, 12. November

Munich, 17-Year-old taxi driver raped – a similar incident the day before

In Munich, has been raped a 17-year-old woman early Sunday morning from an unknown taxi driver. Thus, the subsequent victim had called by App a Taxi when the suspects happen to be driving with his vehicle stopped and pretended, even for the contacted Taxi companies. He had cancelled the woman ordered travel and Transport taken, police wrote.

During the ride, I grabbed the man, the 17-Year-old above the clothing in the breast and genital area, before he stopped abruptly and against the will of the woman in sexual activities with her. Then the man drove on, initially stopped, but then again, to pass to another of his victims. It was only when the young woman broke out in tears, stopped the Accused and drove it home.

Now the police are looking for the offender who is described as follows:

approx. 30-40 years old, light skinned with a slim figure, dark Beard,

spoke German with Accent notes takes the police under the number 089/2910-0.

officials are currently examining whether there is a connection with an incident Saturday morning in which a 22-Year-old, apparently, just a similar offence escaped. According to police, the woman had risen to the Poccistraße in one passing Taxi, and after Giesing drive. After a trouble-free Start-the taxi driver had become in the further course of zunehemend Intrusive and have locked in addition, the doors of the vehicle. Then the man grabbed the 22-Year-old on several occasions in the genital and chest area. Other Intrusions have been able to fend off the woman, before you exit at the destination, writes the police. She also filed a police report and described the man as follows:

approximately 40 years of classical English with an accent dressed in a bright shirt

Also in this case, the police receives information on the number 089/2910-0.

district of Northeim, where drivers raced at the police to – U-in prison for attempted murder

After a chase with a suspected targeted Rammattacke on a police officer, a young drivers from lower Saxony is in prison for attempted murder in custody. This is a judge on Monday decided, at the request of the public Prosecutor, the police announced in Göttingen. The 23-Year-old was in the night of Sunday on the run to an officer and his use of speeding cars.

While the 53-year-old police officer saved himself by jumping to the side, grazed the car of a fleeing motorist with his vehicle on the roadway the strip. The officers shot and then several times on the car and hit the tires a front. The man escaped and repositioning a second police barrier. Later, he had to stop and was taken in the municipality of Hardegsen.

According to the officials had started the flight as a Patrol wanted to stop the man early in the Morning, in the district of Northeim. You noticed that the number plates had not been awarded to his car. After the arrest, it turned out that the 23-Year-old drunk and no driver’s license. According to police, he was silent at first to the allegations.

Suhl: motorists malt Tax disc by Hand to the

several Ads expect a 48-year-old man from Thuringia. The motorists, it was noticed, officials of the highway police last Friday on the A71 in Suhl because of the mark of his vehicle. This would not have looked “very ‘original'”, letter, the officials decided to inspect the man closer, on Facebook.

In the further course of found the motorway police that the 48-Year-old has no driving licence, but also that his car was neither registered nor insured. In addition, the man had painted downstream of the control badge of his entstempelten mark with a pen by Hand, “to give a proper appearance”. The officials under the travel and ushered in a said several criminal cases.

+++ No artist: Fake badge & not a rag +++ With this drivers a lot not true. The members of the…

Posted by police of Thuringia on Monday, 12. November 2018,

Brühl: motorist speaks to children and shows his Penis

In the baden-württemberg-Brühl police after a man approached on Sunday, two nine – and eleven-year-old girl and the Younger of the two in shame hurtful manner shown.

Accordingly, the Accused asked the children in his car on the way to a swimming pool. The nine-year-old had explained to him then the way. In this Moment, the man should have seen to the bottom, the girl followed his gaze. In the process, they noticed that the motorist was holding his exposed Penis in the Hand. Subsequently, the two children fled.

police are looking for the suspects, estimated to be 20 to 30 years, and has shoulder-length hair. He was probably in a VW Golf with a HD license plate on the road. The vehicle is supposed to have a scratch on the side. Possible witnesses can be put under 0621 174 4444 with the criminal investigation Department in connection.

Friedberg: Drunk Ghost rider driving 20 km over the highway

A drunk woman is around 20 kilometres as the wrong driver on the highway, 45 on-the-go. Only an “insane luck” is thanks that nothing worse had happened, reported to the police in Friedberg (Hesse). The officials assumed that the 40-Year-old pour early Saturday morning at the highway junction-South was wrong on the A45 hazards. A Patrol succeeded after a while to make the woman with blue lights, siren and speakers, and your spirit of travel is clear. A breath alcohol test resulted in more than two parts per thousand. Because it is on the car traces of a slight pile-up on the car, not from the police to an accident. The driver’s license of the woman, the officials maintained.

Tessenow: man dies in fall from scaffolding

In Tessenow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is a 66-year-old man on Saturday evening from still unknown causes of a scaffolding fell and died. According to police, the man was Working at a Garage, when he fell two metres into the deep and fatal injuries occurred. The criminal investigation is determined.

Rastatt: in Theeyes of a motorist captured a couple – two seriously injured

One of the sun in theeyes of motorists has been overlooked in Rastatt, Germany, a married couple, and both seniors recorded with his car. The 70-year-old man and his 72-year-old wife had been hurt severely, police said in Offenburg. Perhaps they are even in danger of their lives. The Couple had to cross on Sunday afternoon, a street behind a crossing, the 44-year-old motorist had stopped at the crossing, saw the pedestrian, but due to the low sun. A rescue helicopter was in use.

Gutach: school bus tips over – six-injured

In case of an accident with an overturned school bus in the Breisgau have been injured in the Morning, six people, including five children. As the police said, had joined the Bus in Gutach due to a burst tyre in a car together. The Bus tipped to the side and remained across the road. The 61-year-old driver of the car was injured by the accident easily, as well as five children on the Bus. Initially, the police was assumed to be three slightly injured. The bus driver came, therefore, with the horror of it.

Schleiz: thieves steal the 135-pound stone

Heavy prey have made one or more of the thieves in front of a hardware store in the Thuringian town of Schleiz. A 135-pound decorative stone was already at 8. November been stolen from the Parking lot of the Construction market (Saale-Orla-Kreis), police said. Easy it had not the perpetrators: The anthracite-and-white, and around 120-centimeter-high stone had been secured with an adhesive to the floor. The Manager had noticed the theft until the next Morning. Information on the value of the stone could not make the police.

sources: press-portal / police Thuringia / Bavaria / “Hamburger Abendblatt” / “Neue Westfälische” / “Westphalia post”

news from Germany the week of January 5. up to 11. November you can find here:

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