This is the week that will generally hire yachts. To browse more long time, it was up to now multiply the price shown by the number of weeks desired. To 8,000 € and more the unit, made the account for several months. As well buy a used boat and sell it after… if you can find the boat adequate, equipped for the long course, of him finding a place in a marina, to finance its insurance and maintenance… in Short, the galley.

where the idea of Dream Yacht Charter to offer long-term hiring, with a dedicated fleet (the boats have, in particular, more storage), pricing in the month and a key organisation in hand. Dubbed the “Dream Yacht Sabbatical”, this new department was launched in January 2019 at the Dusseldorf boat Show, more important and more international than Paris, in December. “Prior to Dusseldorf, we had five or six requests for this type of rental, but since we have three or four a week, finds that Loïc Bonnet, the boss of the company.

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Odyssey in the Caribbean, here Scrub Island in the british Virgin Islands, Dream Yacht Charter

The interested parties are, for the most part millénials, “a generation who don’t like to buy”. Most (80%) want to take off for two to four months, compared to 20% four to six months. But almost all (90%) want a large catamaran (12 m to 14 m) every comfort of three or four cabins, each with shower and toilets.

The Mediterranean in 2020

Price of a dream? In average 8.000 € 12.000 € per month for a minimum of two months. This rate (declining balance beyond four months) includes rental of the yacht, insurance, assistance during the journey with the reassuring possibility, in the case of a technical problem, to call into a base of Dream Yacht Charter. However, there are 53 databases in the world.

Cruise-long courses: a dream between 8.000 € and 12.000 € per month. Dream Yacht Charter

“The price also includes two days of “training” of the whole crew, and not just the skipper,” adds Loïc Bonnet. In other words, the presentation of the boat from A to Z and its taken in hand before departure. One is never too careful… The skippers must also report a CV marine (already made) in good and due form. And for the crossing of the Atlantic, a crew of at least three people, including two skippers, is mandatory, question of security.

For the time being, Dream Yacht Sabbatical to work on transatlantic (originally from La Rochelle with a stopover in the Canary islands or the Azores), the Caribbean and French Polynesia. In 2020, this service should be extended to the Mediterranean as well as other areas of the Paficique (Australia, New Caledonia, Fiji), where Dream Yacht Charter is located.


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