this Is a foot of nose to the experts announcing the end of the beauty on glossy paper. At the beginning of the week, the press group English Dazed Media (the publisher underground of Dazed & Confused, the bible of the style created by Rankin in the 1990s) has announced the launch, current 2019, Dazed Beauty, a glossy magazine dedicated to the cosmetic, of a new kind. “A manifesto on the beauty of the future,” says the editor-in-chief, Bunny Kinney. Designed a year ago for Instagram and to an Internet platform at the destination of 15-35 years, Dazed Beauty identifies the innovations and the evolution of behaviours in terms of make-up to the era of social networks and new technologies. Contributing significantly to the success of this ufo digital, art direction singular conducted by Isamaya Ffrench, one of the artists most influential of the time.

Masked by an algorithm

“The paper retains its relevance, it continues to convey values …

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