Principle!” (pronounced “prinnecipĂ©!”), lance Carlos Batista a voice full of smiles in this Spanish leisurely talking to Saint-Domingue. Native to the south-west of the country, Carlos is known as the white wolf in the capital where he works to promote the treasures of the old city who escape to those who do not. What can they see, those tourists who spends just a few hours, walking in clusters, on foot, on a bicycle or on a Segway, connected by headphones to their guide, the photographing in the background of their selfies?

This is a ride daily: end of each morning, the buses pouring out streams of leisure as well as escapees from an all inclusive stay at the edge of a heavenly beach of white sand with coconut trees. And then they scatter like a flock of sparrows after the closure of the “outstanding sites”, leaving to those who remain in the feeling of finally being alone with the city. But we’re exaggerating: since the masses all converge …

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