“Tarzan”, full Joe Kubert, vol. 2

last year, the Editions Delirium had had the excellent idea to re-edit the first volume of the adventures of Tarzan, designed for the pen and the brush of Joe Kubert. Wonderfully taken over by Kubert, the character of Edgar Rice Burroughs came to Paris for this second volume, and the designer treats us to a few shots of the Eiffel tower. Yet, quickly, the ape-man left in Africa. This allows the fiery graphic Kubert to take her measure. The majestic city of Opar, the fighting in the jungle, the gorillas, the lions called “Numa”, the beautiful and sensual Jane Porter… every page, the power and virtuosity of the stroke of the draftsman of Conan or Ghost Rider break out, in this edition of neat, to recommend it without further delay.

“Tarzan”, full Joe Kubert, in volume 2. Delirium, 335 p., 35 €.

“, Nick Cave, Mercy on Me”, by Reinhard Kleist

As a lone cowboy in the Australia of his childhood and the England of the success, the singer passes by the depths of her inner world where he meets the characters tortured of his songs. The stroke is like the life of Nick Cave, very black and still on the wire. A very nice graphic novel on the most american of australian singers.

“Nick Cave, ” Mercy on Me”, by Reinhard Kleist. Casterman, 336 p., 23,95 €.

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“Thorgal: Aniel”, edition luxury SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

This is the ultimate album designed by the great Grzegorz Rosinski… And as he is an outstanding graphic quality, it deserves this collectable box, oh so neat. The story is designed with attention and respect by Yann breath such an odyssey homeric… At the end of a quest, Thorgal begins, as once did Ulysses to Ithaca, the journey back to the viking lands. Swept by the maritime winds, shaken up by the jungle, animated of truly massive battles, this adventure blends the intimate and the most unbridled holds its promises. A great album, quite simply.

“Thorgal: Aniel”, edition deluxe. The Lombard, 72 p., 139 €. Drawn to 550 copies.

“Bédéthèque ideal”

The excellent Vincent Bernière has published a book highly recommendable: The Bédéthèque ideal, where he cites, and class analysis of the 99 comics essential that the honest man of the Twenty-first century must have in its library. Of Tintin Corto Maltese, passing through The Arab of the future, Persepolis, Ghost World, Quartier lointain … the scholar but nonetheless a mischievous Bernière mixture blithely the classic with the modern. His choices are eclectic, sometimes surprising… And it is so much better!

“The Bédéthèque ideal”. Edition Revival, 224 p. 29 €.

“Krazy Kat. George Herriman, a life in black and white,” SEBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

The pad biography of Michael Weaver on the work of the creator of Krazy Kat is finally translated by Marc Voline. For those who don’t know who is the famous creator of Krazy Kat one can only reiterate the huge influence on the whole of the COMIC american of the early Twentieth century that has had this cartoonist, american (1880-1944). It took ten years to Michael Weaver to investigate this artist has invented a character of “cat crazy” living in a surreal universe. Alain Resnais loved Herriman. It was even reported in 2009 that the output of Weeds : “This is the first time that I think of it. But it is sure that there is a “Krazy Kat” in my film. There is a very great freedom in the compositions of Herriman. It is beautiful and crazy.”

“Krazy Kat. George Herriman, a life in black and white”. Editions The Dreamers, 532 p., 28 €.

“Hergé, the series in full,” volume 8

The great interest of this collection is driven by leading experts in hergéens, such Benoît Mouchart, Didier Platteau and Benoît Peeters, is that it proposes to fully inform each episode mythical of Tintin in its original version. In this respect, the eighth volume is exceptional because it is on an intense period of the work of Hergé, the one that extends from 1938 to 1940, at a time when Hergé develops The Scepter of Ottokar . Analyzed and carefully placed it back in its historical context, the gesture “hergéenne” lights in a unique way and renewed.

“Hergé, the series in full,” volume 8. Casterman, 487 p., 80 €.

“The Arab of the future”, volume 4

Since 2014, Riad Sattouf enchants us with his saga autobiographical, between Paris, al-Gaddafi’s Libya and the Syria of Assad. In this fourth volume, we find the Riad 14-year-old. The author revisits his memories with humor and tenderness we know. His gaze, as always, is steeped in ingenuity and recoil. The album is also funny that moving, and it reserves a final breath.

“The Arab of the future”, volume 4. Editions Allary, 288 p., 25,90 €.

“Me, what I love about it is the monsters”, book the first

This amazing pad 416 pages puts the spotlight on a 10-year old girl in the Chicago of the 1960s, who is investigating the death of his seductive neighbor jewish Anka silverberg quote. The American Emil Ferris, the victim of a serious illness, was able to draw this fascinating graphic novel which has been a great success. Crowned with a plethora of awards in the United States, this book powerful is a pure masterpiece.

“Me, what I love about it is the monsters”, book first. Translated from the English by J.-C. Khalifa, published by Monsieur Toussaint Louverture, 416 p., 34,90 €.

“Pif gadget, 50 years of humor and adventure COMICS,” SEBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

Placid and Muzo, Doctor of Justice, Rahan… What a delight to find these heroes with big hearts who have made the glory of the magazine born from the ideas of the Resistance, in this richly illustrated book and documented! A journey into a world full of adventure and a gentle fantasy that’s good.

“Pif gadget, 50 years of humor, adventures, and COMICS”. Editions Hors Collection, 272 p., 29 €.

“Bug”, version deluxe

the great advantage of The draw of luxury from the album Enki Bilal Bug , is that it allows you to appreciate in its just measure the graphic beauty of the planks of the author of The Fair of the immortals . The enigmatic title, double meaning, refers primarily to a kind of crash digital general on the Earth. Always a visionary, Bilal delivers here one of his best albums. All antennas outside, Bilal has been able to capture the evils and anxieties of the era and delivers it with a mixture of humor, terror and amazement… We are waiting for the result with impatience.

“Bug”, version deluxe. Editions Casterman, 86 p., 35 €.

Walter Minus, “Lovely Faces”

Elegant, reserved, artist Walter Minus is a part of this generation of authors who grew up in the respect and the adoration of the “clear line” franco-belgian. Walter Minus (real name Laurent Lachartre) has developed a path sensual. These drawings are representative of the heroines willingly alanguies inspire reverie, bordered on eroticism, suggest immodesty without ever crossing the barrier of bad taste. Face scared, lingerie, delicate, shapely legs, tight framing, luscious lips, the “damsels in distress” by Walter Minus are just waiting to be saved…

Walter Minus, “Lovely Faces”. Editions Champaka, 120 p., 45 €.

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