7/10 for the Hotel’s literary Arthur Rimbaud

glance. If Arthur Rimbaud were alive today, the hotel that bears his name would certainly not internationally. Located in a quite neighborhood mixed Paris, its elegant silhouette is contrasted with the environment. The lobby also, all occupied by dozens of books, portraits, pictures, paintings, and manuscripts of the poet maudit. There are rare books, first editions under glass cases, and other more common programs offered at our reading. To the left of the reception, Rimbaud in the foot, revisited by the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest, the icon of contemporary art. This monumental work, original offer a face-to-face intimidating. Further, the breakfast room is lined with a kind of green reminiscent of the exotic trips of the poet. There is so much to see, so much to read, so much to look at… That you almost forget that one is in a hotel. The fifth of this collection of literary hotels.

3/10 The situation

At the beginning of the boulevard de Strasbourg, in a street very cosmopolitan and a nothing malfamée. The focal point, the station where once landed Rimbaud, who came to meet Verlaine. Here is the link between the hotel and this neighborhood is very mixed, as we like to desert it as long as it is devoid of any proprietary interest, except for a few theatres neighbours.

9/10 The deco

This is the strong point of the hotel as generally the institutions acknowledged in the story. Here it is just the opposite, the designer, Aude Bruguière, has given meaning to a well-kept decoration and very original, where the presence of Rimbaud is in the subtlety. The corridors in support of quotations from the poet, and each floor corresponds to a work or a part of his life. To the first floor, the poems, the second, the new poetry, and the third, A season in hell , the fourth, the family and friends, and the fifth… The voyages of Rimbaud. Each theme is represented by elements of the decor cleverly placed, like a poem that is framed or a burn. The space of the lobby is pleasantly furnished with bench seats that recall the days of Rimbaud, the late Nineteenth century to the style a bit bombastic. The armless tart will bring a touch of color in this universe of ink and letters. The invisible presence of the poet seems to appease the places and makes the walls grown. That all of this is intelligent.

Hotel Rimbaud 9/10 The rooms

The number 42, the rooms are rather successful. With beautiful volumes, floating floors, headboards blown glass, strewn with white feathers and a bed “king-size”, tested and approved by Morpheus in person. On piers beds clear, hemmed with a border in brown, the signature of Rimbaud brings a touch of elegance. A beautiful space of storage and a built-in desk furniture, make the room very convenient. Finally a decoration, and don’t forget the first feature of a hotel, know how to be comfortable and practical for its customers. On the night table are placed a booklet (very well done) on the approach of the hotel in its size rimbaldienne, and a copy of the pocket of Illuminations , offered to each client, as a gentle company for the night. Only downside is the lack of double glazing which struggles to silence the noise of the traffic on the boulevard de Strasbourg-Saint-Denis. Even if the thuds of the capital seem to ease, passed through a sieve of the verve of one of the greatest French poets.

6/10 The service, the facilities

in The basement, a very nice fitness room, tucked away in a vaulted cellar beautifully restored, sums up the only piece of equipment of the hotel. Service-side, in the room a Nespresso and a mini-bar charge with a few soft drinks. Not to mention a library dedicated to… Guess who?

0/0 At the table and at the bar

No bar and no restaurant, but room service quality in line with the various service providers they find on the internet.

8/10 The relation quality – price

From 104€ to 300€ is the range given by the direction in the maximum and minimum prices for all seasons combined. This means that the rates are in reality rather in the lower range around 150€. Rather well seen. After a night, it is far from a season in hell in this hotel literary paris, four stars, rather atypical, and that we liked him.

the Best Western Hotel Literary Arthur Rimbaud

6, rue Gustave-Goublier (Paris-10th ), phone: And www.hotel-litteraire-arthur-rimbaud.com


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