football professionals are really deciding for themselves whether they want the Jersey of their home country’s strip. A withdrawal from the national team is the sole decision of the player. This is also South Korea’s Ja-cheol Koo assumed. And was now surprised to dramatically.

riding Because, despite his intention, no international matches for his home country, nominated the new national coach Paulo Bento FC-Augsburg-professional Koo now just again for the country selection. Therefore, the 29-Year-old needs to leave this week on a trip around the world – against his will.

Actually, Yes-assumed cheol Koo to be his last game for the South Korean national team, it has been denied. At the world Championships in Russia, the middle field, the kicker was in the last group game on the court, in the South of the then reigning world Champions Germany 2:0 beaten and out of the tournament had thrown. After 70 inserts a nice end of the career.

Who resigns, is considered ungrateful

Shortly after the tournament, Koo announced his retirement from the national team. The professional football justified the step with the injuries and the stress of traveling. In the first four games after the world Cup, national team coach Bento refused to Koo. For the games against Australia on 17. November and three days later against Uzbekistan Augsburg has to compete now; and a total of about 32,000 kilometers.

For Koo an unpleasant Situation. A cancellation is interpreted in the South Korean culture, sometimes as ingratitude, therefore, the Augsburg does not want to snub his country people. The national associations are to sit in such cases anyway on the longer lever. This is also the case of Koos employer in Augsburg, Germany, known.

Manager Stefan Reuter told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”: “If the player is nominated, he must arrive.” Surprised it had not been of the nomination, as the Augsburg with the Association would be for weeks in constant exchange. Reuter is diplomatic: “There is now a new coach who wants to see all of it.”

That Koo was now called, of all things, to the Games in Australia and Uzbekistan, acts as a further proof of the original grounds for his resignation. Reuter described the player as “Madness”. If Koo is convinced his new coach, seems to be a participation in the Asia Cup is not unrealistic. The South Koreans will meet in the first game of the group stage on 7. January in the Philippines.


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