As is the 599 FXX or FXX and FXX K, the P80/C has been developed for exclusive use on the track. But unlike machines powered by a V12 that gave birth to a small series for a clientele of amateurs, sorted on the pane, this new berlinetta is a special order from a fan of the brand of Maranello. The P80/C will remain a unique piece. In the history of the prancing horse, it is a figure of exception. Ferrari has hardly ever made a race car to respond to the whim of a wealthy amateur. In its communication, the Italian manufacturer said to have inspired the berlinetta Dino 206 S from 1965 to design this new jewel. With its aerodynamic appendages, the last beast running Ferrari we rather think of the prototype Dino Competizione run by the coachbuilder Pininfarina in 1967. This concept, painted in yellow had been presented at the Frankfurt motor show.

The P80/C has a particularly neat aerodynamics. Photographer: Billy Galliano

The P80/C has been developed around the 488 GT3 unveiled at the final Ferrari for 2015 at the circuit in tuscany Mugello, before defending the colours of Ferrari in the various GT championships around the world. The designers of the team of Flavio Manzoni and the engineers have worked together to deliver a race car that is distinguished by a body that is unique, evoking the Aston Martin Vulcan and presenting new solutions in aerodynamics. The rear adopts a huge diffuser in the middle of which blow the exhausts. As for the engine hood, of which the shutters are reminiscent of the Ferrari 330 P4, it is shrouded in an ugly but effective rear spoiler. Ferrari has not disclosed the power of the P80/C, but a 488 GT3 is powered by a V8 3.9 litre biturbo engine delivering a whopping 550 horsepower. What is certain, is that the technical solutions adopted by the new unique piece will not remain a dead letter. They should inspire the next models competition of Ferrari.

The cabin is similar to that of a 488 GT3. Ferrari


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