special envoy to Flaine

on Wednesday, he makes beautiful. The sun is shining the snow thoroughly fallen in recent days on Flaine, covering the buildings of bare concrete that rise at the foot of the slopes and fir trees. “Nevermind, I’m going to, I love it!”, -watching this set without chalet Flaine, echoing the words of Jean Dubuffet, whose monumental sculpture throne in front of the Terminal hotel Snow – Totem. Tomorrow, the resort in haute-savoie celebrates its 50 years. And the one which was inaugurated exactly on the 17th of January 1969, the communes of Magland and Arâches-la-Frasse, continues to surprise for its unique architecture, which is pleasing or upsetting, which is in all cases about it.

The small wood of 7 trees is not a copy as one could believe: Dubuffet was developed in the cycle of The l’hourloupe, at the request of Sylvie and Eric Boissonnas, the creators of Flaine, they parachevèrent …

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