Send a heart through a text message? Nothing more innocuous. That the message recipient is a colleague or a friend far does not change anything because, in its digital version plump and colorful, this small émoji waters down the feelings and wants to say everything and anything. As the drop cap of a new alphabet, rhythm, the exchanges of emails and most of the comments on social networks. A success on the screens such that it has conquered the younger generations.

“We’re in a civilization of the sign, analyse Serge Carreira, lecturer at Sciences Po. The millennials live surrounded by émojis they use to communicate. In addition to their affective dimension, the jewels, which are in direct contact with the skin, remain the ideal medium to represent this type of icons.”

Figure style

Once childish or nerdy, today ubiquitous in the creators, as among the major names in the industry – Tiffany & Co. and Van Cleef & Arpels at Buccellati, …

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