The race for power knows no limit. At the moment, where Donald Trump announces the end of subsidies for electric cars, Ford is unveiling at the Detroit motor Show a Mustang with 700 horses. New version of the legendary Shelby GT500, this sport is scheduled in concession to the horizon 2020. If the Ford Mustang was already a musculature impressive, the GT500 reaches a new milestone. The front redesigned evokes a wild beast ready to pounce, and the spoiler and the tailpipes are in excess.

Three new colors are offered: “Red Hot”, “Twister ” Orange” and “Iconic, Silver”. They may be accompanied, as is the american tradition, with painted bands and extending over the entire length of the vehicle (the bottom of the hood until the trunk going through the roof). Inside, the options list allows you to opt for a warm race with many elements in carbon fiber and seats signed Recaro.

Three new colors are offered: “Red Hot”, “Twister ” Orange” and “Iconic, Silver”. Ford

In terms of power, the coupe in the u.s. to worry many sports renowned, since it would have more than 700 horses. Here, dot hybridization, or downsizing to the european, but a V8 of 5.2 litres fed by a compressor. A tradition of the country of Uncle Sam, which helps to maintain a sound that is haunting, while offering a high level of performance.

It will, however, revisit his classics at the time of engaging the first speed, since the manual transmission disappears in favor of an automatic transmission dual-clutch TREMEC with 7 reports. Another new addition to the Ford will not be a simple monster of power to line up on the grid starting “Drag Strip” drag race. According to the american manufacturer, the GT500 will also be in its element on the track.

inside, it is possible to opt for many elements in carbon fiber and seats signed Recaro. Ford

The coupe adopts a new electric power steering system, and suspensions “MagneRide” the last generation in the geometry review. Side tyres, it is possible to opt for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S developed for the model, or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. The braking system seems to live up to stay ahead of the passion of the V8, because of the Brembo six-piston come to pinch the discs of 420 mm in diameter!

For those who want even more, it is possible to opt for the “Handling Package”, which includes a spoiler with a “Gurney”. For budding pilots, the “Carbon Fiber Track Package” offers, among other things, 20-inch rims carbon fiber wheels, larger rear tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 specific and a rear spoiler with adjustable carbon. Attention, opt for this Pack is to lose the rear seats of the coupe.

The price of the Mustang Shelby GT500 2020 is not yet disclosed, but anyway, the chances that Ford decides to import it in France are very small.

To stop the Mustang Shelby GT500, Brembo six-piston pinching of the discs of 420 mm in diameter! Ford


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