He lives in the neighborhood since 1981, the date on which a part of the family Bouglione is back up and settle at the Cirque d’hiver after years of roaming. “My grand-father was beginning to grow old, my father and my uncle wanted to get closer to him, he says, it is for this reason that they have stopped touring.” The patriarch, “Mr. Joseph”, is no more, gone in 1987, but the two brothers still live there. This is not the case of Francesco Bouglione, who chose to leave the family nest to settle in, a little further, not too much, in the Third.

The place he likes best about the neighborhood? The Circus in Winter, without surprise, his “home” as he calls it. “We live there, we eat there, we sleep there, sometimes even without realizing it!”, recognizes the director of the oldest circus in the world that manages, with the rest of the family, the new show concocted by his cousin Joseph. “ Extra , it is everything one expects of a great show. On the track, there is a sixty artists, which is best in each discipline, accompanied by the orchestra and ringmaster. And the numbers are of high quality with a staple of course as the flying trapeze, which was created at the Cirque d’hiver on December 11, 1859, and is part of the DNA of the place!”

delicatessen Maison Plisson (Iii). Jean-Philippe BALTEL

I appreciate the good things! It can be seen, non? (Francesco Bouglione burst out laughing, the hand on the belly.) And I like to defend our heritage! This is the reason why I do my shopping here. There is what is best in terms of food products. Be it the meat, the butcher Didier Massot is a meilleur ouvrier de France, the meats, the vegetables, the canned…

Home Plisson. 93, bd Beaumarchais (Iii). Tel.: 01 71 18 19 09.

Mini-market on asphalt

once A week, Stan has installed his truck and unloads his fruit and vegetables, products of the season and from the reasoned culture, just in front of the Winter Circus. I buy everything fresh there. And at prices defying any competition! It is necessary to arrive in the first, because otherwise there is the tail. The truck is looted in no time!

Baskets of Stan. 54, rue des Filles-du-Calvaire (Xi).

beautiful bouquets Vertical Florist (Xi). Sébastien Gros

When I dispute, and that I am wrong, I like to give flowers, to make me forgive! This florist offers beautiful compositions with a wide choice of fresh flowers! For his presentations, he is one of the first, to my knowledge, have stopped to put a piece of paper and lay the flowers on top. Instead, it made big bouquets round.

Vertical Florist. 12, rue Oberkampf (Xi). Tel.: 01 47 00 78 80.

My canteen japanese

This is my favorite restaurant. I eat there almost every lunch time and I can’t get enough of! The japanese chef is fabulous. He works the raw fish, the tempura, the tatakis beef, tuna… The flavors and seasonings are amazing. I love this kitchen and the prices are very reasonable.

Soma. 13, rue de Saintonge (Iii). Tel.: 09 81 82 53 51.

Deco chic Borgo Delle Tovaglie (Xi). Valerio Geraci

This is a shop of immense (700 m2), editor’s NOTE) and surprising since it is also a restaurant. There is furniture, decorative objects, curtains, blankets… The owners are Italian. What I like with them? Everything! I’m someone very tactile, I like everything that is pleasant to the touch and the materials and the colors they offer are.

Borgo Delle Tovaglie. 4, rue du Grand-Prieuré (XIe). Tel.: 09 82 33 64 81.

Body art

I got my first tattoo there about fifteen years. And the last, in the past year. Once you have done one, it will not stop. What I like about Niko, the tattoo artist, it is that it works well and that it is listening to customers. I always find a good reason to come. I suggested to him my ideas and he puts them in shape. The stroke of a pen, it is he who has!

Kustom Tattoo. 24, avenue of the Republic (Eleventh). Tel.: 01 47 00 10 26.


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