The Resonance Chronometer with analog display, 24-hour, gold red (79.800 €). SDP

Al like the best, it has plunged into this business restaurant of the clocks of old. “In the 1980s, I repaired for the museum of Arts and Crafts, a clock of Abraham-Louis Breguet, tells the story of the French. The entire mechanism was mounted in a double, I had never seen anything so impressive.” What is the principle? Any animated body transmits a vibration, which can be received by a body nearby, which then begins to vibrate at the same frequency. This physical law produces miracles in the art of watchmaking as it allows to increase the accuracy of a gauge by neutralizing the external disturbances that affect its good working. This seemingly simple statement as well, but it is evil to put in place. François-Paul Journe, who is grey of the worst technical challenges, has given to the game, but had a hard time. After fifteen years of testing, he finally emerges a first Resonance Chronometer noticed in 2000. It offers this year, for the first 20 years of his brand, a declination limited, which will be produced the next twelve months.

The Vagrancy III with jumping seconds (60.000 €). SDP

This new feature sums up the career and philosophy of this dunce rowdy, who turned from the age of 14 to a watchmaking school in Marseille, to become a boss, an artisan, a gifted and passionate. The virus has been transmitted by his uncle, a clockmaker known in the rue de Verneuil, in Paris, with which he made his arms adolescence. The mechanisms of old to revise that leave clients open up a wonderful world. These trinkets lead to put his steps in those of the great masters of watchmaking in the Seventeenth century in which he revealed the plans and the treaties.

A first tourbillon watch at the age of 20 years, a workshop in Paris followed by a workshop in Geneva to meet the special orders of collectors and some of the great names of luxury… He rides his own brand in 1999, now nine shops in the world, and sells 900 watches each year, made entirely by the 25 watchmakers that work with him.

the One that displays a slogan in latin “Invenit et Fecit” (invented and), customers are as different as Dany Boon, or the brothers Wertheimer, all of the purists. The latter, via the Chanel group, he has also just assign 20 % of its capital to deter any attempt of the other groups of luxury on its brand, which is decidedly a case.


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