there are still ten years old, who wanted to escape away from the stress and the city had few options detox: spa, spa resort, retirement extreme in Nepal. The mode of any wellness and alternative medicine has been drummed into the cards, so that the face of the avalanche of proposals, we do not know what “cure” yourself. The Americans and the Asians, because they have less holidays than us, have long been fond of the holidays combining travel and fitness in a short period, the French put little by little. They are already experts of sun salutations and the full consciousness, or neophytes, they go in a small group, accompanied by experts (nutrition, sport, yoga…) in order to recover his health in the countryside or in the sun, in a record time and for the price of one handbag.

spring is the ideal place to reset the mind

a Final concept is renewing the genre, a stay in the treetop huts (fifteen participants) organized by Mind, the application of “meditation for a better living” and My Travel Dreams, the blog dedicated to travel. “As members of my community, mainly mothers, entrepreneurs, or jobs with high responsibilities, I wanted – and needed – to take time for myself, for my head and for my body,” says Marie Faure Ambrose, the founder of My Travel Dreams. I’m not a purist of yoga, I don’t like to eat seeds and I could not find what I was looking for in existing pensions. I wanted an amazing place, with delicious food, drinking a glass of wine under the stars if I felt like it. But also to get up at 7am in the morning to learn things and meet people inspiring. Stays well-being are in the process of opening up to wider audiences, I am also working on a version family, for parents with their children, in Normandy.”

In the eco-area of Large Oak trees in Picardie (45 minutes from Paris by car), at the beginning of spring – the ideal time for a “reset” – the three days shall elapse between sessions of yoga, meditation, nordic bath in the treetops, walking meditation, time for yourself and drink in good company.

From 1 to 3 April 2019, from € 700 all inclusive per person three days in a hut triple. Reservations on and


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