Taïaut! Taïaut! September is the time of the rut new year’s eve, December the barter urban. For a month, Parisians will dig the brains to know who will have what. It is far and away the blessed time where a simple orange caused tears of gratitude. The exotic fruit no longer: offer a case of grenadilles and you toisera as the peasant of the Danube. It takes the extravagant, grandiose, sensational. As you wait for the same thing and will be disappointed to receive a batch of soaps to the galangal.

The cynicism, however, is not absent from this exchange, since, as soon as mid-December, the metro trains are a load of ads for these sites of resale online Christmas gifts. What you spend in the end of the year, it can be found in the gui the new year and the new year gifts are safe. The important thing is to have smiled, pretended surprise, couiné thanks and exchanged a few microbes.

Some of the Christmas gifts become the mistigri card game: an object that we could pass on, like a shameful secret, over wreaths and fireplaces. As well, these boxes of chocolates that appear on the stack, not far from the coffers of the supermarket, in the early days of Advent. “Oh, chocolates!””Yes, I took the biggest box.” “I see that, as it is nice.” The cellophane guarantees an integrity above suspicion, and the box is soon around the neighbourhood, at the option of Christmases recomposed. It even happens that it returns to its originator, between the new year’s eve and Kings. But the expiration of the candy industry is a challenge to the laws of nature, and ten Christmases do not come to the end of the odyssey.

Finally, it is now time to be careful. Last week, coming out of a store in their neighborhood Alesia arms heavy with a gift wrapped in paper with santa Claus, a man is seen castagné by a stranger to the cry of “This is what we do to the disbelievers”. If it is necessary now that Christmas is a religious holiday, where are we going?

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