The storefront of Golden Horse. Horse Gold

Since the gastronomy has become this exhibitionism where you eat to show up, remember that in Paris, two kinds of addresses to add fuel to this kind of crowd. The flambantes and scoundrels. The first, like to excess, second, to the improbable. Needless to draw you a picture; selecting the distant of the Nineteenth century and what was a chinese street-side, Gold Horse has chosen his camp. Great moment of snobbery (or solitude), moreover, observed, on the sidewalk, the customer elected to make fun of the storefront unchanged from the ex-asian’ ras the bitumen. Found it “too funny”, “too cool”! Inside, the double room-the counter has already passed in all pages deco. Beautiful effect already seen, good effort post-indus’ where white walls and blonde wood, offering a style to the usinaire. Inside, the delighted of the food are no longer able to have found a place while those who wait their turn and the second service goberaient well on their knees. In order to satisfy this pretty world, the service …

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