For the spokesperson of the government, the movement of the yellow vests is “become the agitators” wanting to “overthrow the government”. The words are Benjamin Griveaux to the output of the first council of ministers of the year, this Friday, and on the eve of what could be the act 8 of the movement born of the fight against the rise in taxes on the fuel.

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according to him, the movement took a turn “insurgent”. After the “concrete answers and fast” made by the executive to the claims on the purchasing power, he said, “the movement said of the yellow vests is become for those who remain mobilized a movement of agitators who want the insurgency and overthrow the government”, he launched. For proof, always according to him: “Those who called to discuss do not want to not participate in the great national debate.”

“things have not really changed”

Still on the subject of the national debate that must be opened to respond to the crisis, “the great national debate should not be a grand unpacking or a desire to replay the election [in 2017], but a moment of fruitful dialogue at the end which will make proposals.”

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Vincent Glad, a journalist “expert” in yellow vests Ludosky-Drouet, “rupture” in the yellow vests social Progress: and if we continue to believe in the future?

Benjamin Griveaux has repeated the instructions of Emmanuel Macron to his ministers, this Friday : “The president is back on the three criticisms we have heard : the fact that things have not really changed for many of our fellow citizens […], the fact that it is necessary to restore meaning in a world where it’s a struggle to not give in to the immediacy of the moment, and the fact that we need to go further in the change, and be more radical in our way of doing things”.


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