What can be the common point between a sports training and practice of a musical instrument? The muscles. And above all, their good coordination. How much time do we spend to do and redo exercises and movements to finally get the right thing? Infinite. Sometimes discouraging. And if we could acquire results more quickly and save hours of effort? Because in the field of sport as in the mastery of an instrument, what counts is the repetition that allows you to achieve the goals.

The Halo Sport could pass for a simple audio headset. Halo

Halo Sport may be the accessory that suits. It comes in the form of an audio headset almost conventional. It is a device, developed by scientists and engineers who have patented their technology with substantial support from the research and testing for over ten years. The audio portion is coming later since in any case the original equipment of the object, a headband, had the perfect form to meet the expectations of its inventors. It was enough to add headphones to a device duplicate.

Daniel Chao, phd in neuroscience, CEO of Halo Neuroscience, entrepreneur in the field of “medtech”, has already, in a previous company, NeuroPace, approached a technology aimed to relieve persons suffering from epilepsy. With a Halo of Sport, one more step is taken in the destination of all.


The object is singular. It could pass for a simple helmet audio if the presence of a line of awe-inspiring peaks under his headband suggested another destination. These, fortunately, are rubber. Detachable, they are wet before you put on the helmet to facilitate the electrical contact with the skull. If one is not impressed with the patches tights equipment electrostimulation to strengthen pectoral muscles and other abdominal muscles, the idea that a low current vienna tickle our brains has something to worry about. It is only a stimulation transcranial direct current stimulation we are assured.

Well adjusted on the head, it is then necessary to pair the headset to the smartphone with the free app Halo Sport. It launched, it is necessary to choose between three sessions according to the training type: one will act on the sports side, the second is devoted to the practice of an instrument, and more particularly to the left hand and the third on the right hand. We support feverishly on the start button and it is left for twenty minutes of stimulation.

These spikes drive a small current in the cortex. Halo

The countdown is triggered. The process will stop itself. As said, the feeling is confused. It tickles, it tingles, it’s hot, it itches. It is according to. It flirts with torture. Fortunately, the intensity is adjustable from 1 to 10 and, after a few sessions, you eventually get used to. If the current password incorrectly, the application will be asked to re-moisten the rubber studs, and even to soak. The technology used, called Neuropriming, activates the cortex and allows the brain to achieve a state of hyperapprentissage optimal combining neurostimulation and physical training all in the now for about an hour after removing the helmet according to its designers. The app says “Session complete, Hyperplasticity period” indicating a countdown of 60 minutes. You’re supposed to have before you a time when you will be at the top of the effectiveness of your workout.

What happened?

The principle of this type of helmet is to achieve smooth and without any risk, to change the electromagnetic field of the brain. The latter generates several types of waves, Beta waves, for example, are those related to the conscious activity, cost, and stress, Alpha waves, linked to relaxation, meditation, creativity and learning.

The electrical impulse released by Halo Sport triggers a state neuroplastique in which the neurons of the motor cortex can more easily build and strengthen the neuronal connections with your muscles. A better connection improves both muscle control and the ability to fully use all the muscle fibers that compose them, which effectively increases strength, speed, ability and endurance.

Halo Sport must therefore accelerate learning in all motor activities, so that it can be used by athletes of all levels up to the musicians who need to develop a dexterity adequate to play a musical instrument.

How do I know if this technology actually offers an advantage in terms of performance? When you train seriously, it will always be better than the day before. With or without a camera. The software does not give any information about it. It is frustrating. We are promised however, a new version (most complete) for the spring, both at the level of the app that the headset.

in The United States in any case, athletes such as those playing in the NBA, but also military and health professionals have not expected and seem to think that Halo Sport improves motor skills as they use today regularly. Fitness equipment portable systems such as electrical stimulation are now widely integrated into the lives of athletes. Halo Sport has a more direct approach, applying an electrical pulse to the motor cortex of the person wearing it, which can still scare the less adventurous…

Price: 399 USD

learn more: HaloNeuro.com


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