what good is a parade of haute couture if it is to sell a dream? Maria Grazia Chiuri knows: it is not his first lap around the track. Each season, the artistic director of women’s collections for Dior clings to his emotions to convey them in shows worthy of hollywood blockbusters. Passing to Rome, his hometown, last fall, she found herself helpless in the face of the huge Parade (1917) by Picasso, exhibited at the Barberini Palace, the stage curtain for 10 meters to 16 created for the Ballets russes, on which mingle with clowns and performers, harlequins, and musicians, and animals. The theme of the spring-summer 2019 was found. To give body to this dream, she convened yesterday under a tent erected in the gardens of the Musée Rodin (Paris Vii), the troupe of acrobats Mimbre, London. Exclusively, women. The eighteen artists clambering to the end of arm of the human pyramid, contained an ark in which scrolls in the …

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