After this first show, duly commented on in The Figaro, it stands out from the crowd. “YSL: the succession is assured,” writes the journalist reference, Martine Henno. A sign of this media attention again recently, the writing has not integrated the spelling of his first name. It will therefore be named “Eddie” (for Constantine? Mitchell?) then, six months after, and as his reputation grows, always in our pages, a new gross error (“Heidi”), this will be the last. The phenomenon Hedi Slimane, machine fantasies, is born. The creator of the enigmatic, talented, free-thinking, feeds the pages of the journal, its parades, its departures, arrivals, interviews and rare and razor-sharp. And, above all, his contribution outside the norm in fashion. This is the archive that we give honor today, and that Mr. Slimane has agreed to comment. Even better, it looks back to the past, these key moments with a sincerity which the universe policed of luxury is little customary.

Collection Celine winter 2019-2020. IMAXTREE.COM/Isidore Montag

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