let us Remember: Air Inter was one of the only airlines to offer a subscription card to book, on domestic flights, the route of its choice to a single tariff and fixed. And in change free of charge, without formality. This subscription was not very cheap, but its simplicity satisfied than business travelers.

Takeover by Air France, this map has then been extended in 2016 to all destinations in Europe at the start of the France. But with a major difference of what is practiced on domestic flights: finished the single tariff, the price varied according to the filling of the flight at the time of booking. And if the passenger wanted to change his flight, Air France was a guarantee of a new service, the “Go Show”, to get a seat on any other flight on the same day (within a range of 14 hours before or after the original booking), and without adjustment tariff.


The system, apparently simple, has proved to be cacophonous in its application. First, the Air France app did not allow you to register as a passenger on the “Go Show”, and more incredible still, the telephone service, and some of the stopovers said even not be aware of this advantage, however, paid a high price. Today, the officials of Air France are more seasoned.

To change the flight without fees, click on “registration”.

But the subscribers must always discover the intricacies of use to use this card at best. For example, when one wishes to modify its planned flight the next day at 10am to take the 8am, you will avoid the site or application, press the “change flight”, a priori specified, in this case, as this may cause a readjustment of tariff. Instead, the trick is to wait for midnight and click on “registration” to be able to change your flight without fees. Of course, it is necessary to know, and the knowing, if require to ensure. In sum, the subscribers europeans have wiped the plaster of a system that was not yet to the point.

Since the 15th of January, this same system applies to domestic flights. Finished off the single ticket price! We do not know enough: by plane or by train, half of the bookings is made within seven days of departure, however, from now on, its 100,000 subscribers have to anticipate their purchase in order to benefit from cheaper rates, which may upset the habits.

To boast of this change, Air France highlights the fact that the flights of the middle of the day or early evening are offered at more favourable rates. But the company fails to specify that its new policy is also causing a price increase at peak hours. Previously, the single price of the Shuttle from Paris to Nice, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux and Montpellier were clustered around 400 € for the round trip. After our testing, it appeared that at peak hours, it can cost up to 30 %, while flights from the middle of the day, the famous attractive rates, they dwindle drastically to the approach of the departure date. For a round-trip to Montpellier in the day bought the day before, with a morning departure and an evening return, prices vary now (408 to 560 euros, well above the eur 398 before the change. Similarly to Nice, the range is established between 462 to 563 euros, and to Toulouse 478 633 euros.

Useless to go on the site hop.fr to buy a ticket

– a week a departure to Toulouse, with one going in the middle of the day and a return the next day, we found only a single option to 434 euros. Choosing a morning departure and a return the next day at the end of the day, the rates climb this time of 489 € to 604€. The demonstration is also valid on Nice or Montpellier.

collateral Victims of these changes: the Flex ticket which is refundable. Now, depending on whether you are traveling in France or in Europe the benefits are not the same. If it is stored for Europe, the famous Go Show is deleted for the Flex fares in France.

in addition, there is a very big price difference in the rates Flex depending on whether you make a go-back in the day, that you spend the night from Saturday to Sunday on-site, or you stay three nights. In these last two cases, the membership card has no interest because the price of the Flex ticket is always less than the rate for subscriber. Similarly, it is useless to buy a single ticket with a subscriber card, it is billed to you at full price, about 30 % more expensive than the price you paid to do this trail with a return.


Last recommendations: it is useless to go to the site hop.fr to purchase a ticket, this is not possible, it is necessary for it to go on the site Airfrance.fr. Unfortunately when you switch on an old system which only presents the available flights that day-to-day and every day morning noon and night. If this had little impact earlier, because all the flights were at the same rate, today, to compare prices, it is necessary to manually check prices day by day. This is far from practical. We were promised that this major disadvantage, should be fixed… But alas not until next summer.

let’s End on the benefits, because there are and they are not negligible, the subscriber card provides the route for Sky Priority which is a real asset, purchase or change of booking up to an hour before the start and up until the last seat available. Finally, on each flight, performed in France, the subscriber wins two “XP” in addition to more quickly access the best articles of Flying Blue.

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