The case was a long time remained secret. But, in September last, the veil of silence is torn and the small world of wine to discover that Petrus has sold part of its share capital. The amount of the transaction, which it is then, more than 200 million euros for 20% of the units, will taping more than one at the ceiling of his cellar. As to the identity of the purchaser, it is in fact gorges hot. It is a “billionaire colombian”, they said. All the ingredients for a nice salad of fantasies which feeds largely in the discussions of bordeaux.

What is it really? The mysterious buyer that stirred the imagination of bordeaux is actually called Alejandro Santo Domingo. An American of colombian origin, age 41, is from a family of entrepreneurs who made a fortune in the beer. He is himself one of the builders of the agreement which led to the recent merger of two industry giants Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller, a transaction to 112 billion euros. The New York-based …

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