The Taxi company “Hype” has seen the light of day three years ago. Its particularity is that it employs only the vehicles running on hydrogen. Today, Hype partners with japanese manufacturer Toyota, at the specialist of the Air Liquide hydrogen and the actor of the energy efficiency Idex, to form the company Hysetco. At first, their goal is to develop a fleet of 600 taxis running on hydrogen by the end of 2020. In the long term, Hysetco want to fit all of the companies of taxis and VTC circulating in Paris in hydrogen vehicles, and this before the Olympic Games in 2024. An extensive program.

At a time when the government tracks emissions of CO2 and fine particles, the hydrogen shows a seductive, because on paper, it releases only water. Hype has understood it, and think it is the fuel ideal for taxis circulate all day in the capital. Unlike a battery-electric vehicle, the self is not limited and the full does not take more than 5 minutes. Better: the service Hype, operating via an application, is not more expensive than a taxi, standard. However, their fleet of vehicles are “clean” is not yet very consistent, the wait time can sometimes seem like a long time. This is the reason why Hype wants to build a fleet of 600 taxis by 2020.

The service Hype, operating via an application, is not more expensive than a taxi, standard. Jules Humbert

The alliance Hysetco around the hydrogen seems to be necessary to encourage the development of this new energy. In effect, the vehicle to hydrogen is not appealing to individuals, since it is expensive to buy, and the price of fuel at the pump has what to discourage. Such a vehicle costs on average between 50 000 and 60 000 euros. A kilo of hydrogen is now worth 15 euros, and will perform a hundred kilometres.

The most important challenge to be faced for that Hysetco can hope to achieve its objectives, however, concern the infrastructure. France has a score of stations on its territory, half of which is private. In the paris region, Hysetco can only be based on four stations (Pont de l’alma, paris Orly, Lodges and Roissy). To be able to move the 600 taxis announced, there should be at least a dozen, and each of them is worth its weight in gold: a million euros for a facility to 700 bars! The last trouble is that this entire ecosystem makes sense only if the hydrogen production is carbon free. In us, this fuel is not “zero emission” but “low carbon”. Of the hydrogen is 100 % clean, it is possible, but it is even more expensive. So it will not be anytime soon, even if it is a project that Hysetco account carry out.

Hype is working with Hyundai since the beginning, and despite the arrival of Toyota, this is expected to continue. However, Hyundai does not want to integrate Hysetco. The current fleet of Hype account 62 Hyundai IX35 “fuel cell” and 38 Toyota Mirai. The company claims that its 500 next taxi will be models of the japanese manufacturer. Hyundai has, however, confirmed that it was expected that its new SUV hydrogen, Nexo, to join the adventure.

vehicle-to-vehicle hydrogen cost on average between 50 000 and 60 000 euros. Jules Humbert

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