This article is from the “Figaro Hors-série” dedicated to the Vienna imperial.

The “Figaro Hors-série” offers you to experience a viennese exceptional: round table on Vienna and its history, concert and dances viennese in an unforgettable evening, Wednesday, January 23, at the Opera Comique in Paris.

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To the steps of the palace

In Rome as in Vienna, the baroque is the art of the victory. One of the Counter-Reformation over protestantism in the first quarter of the Seventeenth century. The Holy Empire of the Turks a few decades later. After the failure of the siege of Vienna (1683), the treaty of Karlowitz (1699) to seal the defeat of the enemy ottoman. Soon, the capital of the Habsburg holds proudly the banner, baroque, and is covered with monuments. On the land freed up by the enemy, the aristocracy is done …

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