That has not yet electrified his range? A certain silence risk to be heard in answer to this question in the aisles of the Geneva motor Show, which opens its doors this morning at the professional and next Thursday, 7 march for ten days to the public. The electric wave has taken this year looks like a roller-coaster ride. There are several reasons for this popularity. First of all, the “dieselgate” has severely undermined the image of a diesel yet long touted as “clean” as there is less CO2-emitting than gasoline. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brands that have more invested in the diesel turning to electric to “green” their image. But the vehicle electrified has other virtues. By working in concert with the traditional group thermal, the electric motor is a good way to decrease the emissions of CO2, of which Europe became the severe accounting. And if the battery of the car is charging, it can flow several tens of kilometers in a mode strictly electric. It will also be allowed to enter city centres, in which the gear “heat” will see more and more often banned.

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Peugeot has retained this engine plug-in hybrid (or PHEV, for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, in English) for sa 508 with a model “Sport” that develops 400 hp. The Lion will also feature a version e-208 strictly electric of its new city car. Audi will unveil also in Geneva his SUV Q4 e-tron purely electric. But the brand with the rings will mostly start on the edges of the lake a true offensive in the plug-in hybrid with four of its models (Q5, A6, A7 and A8), which adopt this technology.

The buggy ID Volkswagen. VW

German Side again, thanks to Volkswagen (VW), Steve McQueen does not take you more Faye Dunaway on the dunes in a sputtering buggy, but in an ID. Buggy electric able to ride in silence to 160 km/h on a beach on the East coast. In Esaw, a subsidiary of VW, the offensive power takes the name el-born, a sort of crossover is capable of making the full power in just 47 minutes, according to its designers. The manufacturer Spanish has preceded the launch a few days ago with the unveiling of a quadricycle Minimo near the Twizy of Renault. Cupra, become a brand, will show in Geneva its Formentor, a plug-in hybrid boasting a combined power of 245 hp. Skoda, a subsidiary of VW, takes the foot of his side with the Vision iV concept coupe 4-door 100 % electric with two motors developing 306 hp. The label Czech promises an autonomy of 500 km and a recovery of 80 % in 30 minutes.

The Seat el-born. Seat.

Polestar, the brand power sport from Volvo, will be present at Geneva with a number 2 clear rival to the Tesla Model 3. Pininfarina, himself, played in the registry of the excess with a Battista totally electric, including the four engines develop no less than 1900 hp 2300 Nm of torque. Promised for 2020, the meteor produced only 150 units will be able to performance of Formula 1 with a 100 km/h reached in less than two seconds! At Aston Martin, it has been decided to revive the brand Lagonda to market luxury vehicles, zero-emission. The Concept Vision announces the brand design and the first of the two models launched in 2021.

The Kia e-Soul. Honda.

Asia will not be absent from this concert of new. The Korean Kia maintains the mystery on a concept car exclusively electric that he will unveil during the show, while his e-Soul will make his debut european in Geneva, just like the Nissan Leaf, e+). Honda, with an e Prototype 100 % electric, has a small urban vehicle recalling his famous N 360 and N 600 in the 1960s-1970s, but with the latest technology, starting with a digital dashboard. Remains to know now how will be produced the electricity needed to run all these vehicles, and how it is the will, and at what cost. But this is another debate.


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