The family-friendly resort of La Plagne, in the Tarentaise valley, put in place since this season is a system allowing the use of the support of his ski pass to pay for his purchases on the spot. Plagne Access is the name given to this innovation presented by the tourism office of La Plagne as a “first in France”. When you order your package on the website dedicated to it, you only need to combine two or three clicks away from your bank card. Once this is done, your package then replaces that card to deal with a whole series of purchases from merchants, restaurants and bars of the station that play the game. Already thirty of them had joined the app at the opening of the tracks, the 15 last December.

The package credit card tourist Office of La Plagne

No preloading is required and no contact is allowed. But where this initiative takes on its full meaning it is in its extension to third parties. If you are for example a family, you can associate your credit card to packages for your children with the possibility of limiting the amount of the sum. A very ceiling about avoiding excesses and blunders.

actually, you can upload for example 20€ on the package of your offspring, which will allow him to have lunch on the slopes or to enjoy a drink after skiing, without the risk of losing those few parts that eradicates often with difficulty from the bottom of the pocket of his suit. Only losers of the operation, researchers from scrap to melting snow….

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