The rise in fuel prices braque again the spotlight on the electric vehicle (EV). Supported by the public authorities, which subsidize in the name of the energy transition, is just as able today to be an alternative to traditional car “thermal” petrol or diesel? Before embarking on the acquisition of such a vehicle, it is better to carefully examine its characteristics in order to determine whether it is appropriate for the intended use.

• purchase cost high, but energy still a good market With 55 % share of the market, the Renault ZOE is the electric car the most sold in France. Renault.

The first obstacle to the purchase of an electric car is its price. In question, the high value of its batteries, whose manufacture integrates rare metals and expensive. Let’s take the example of the Renault ZOE, the electric car is the most widely used (55% of sales). Its constructor assigns its battery for the modest sum of 8.900 € if its buyers do not take the rent. This figure represents a …

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