Balzac, Tours, Tours, town of art and history. Anaïs Dutour

the Towers was and always will be, the feet in the Loire, like a pretty girl who bathes and plays with the water […] because this city is full of laughter, loving, fresh, flowery, perfumed better than all the other cities of the world,” wrote Honoré de Balzac in The Apostrophe, about his native city. To commemorate the 220th anniversary of the child in the country, the capital tours celebrates its year of Balzac with a myriad of events.

The château de Tours presents the photographs of Sergey Tarasov on the places that Balzac would have visited in the company of Mrs. Hanska during his stay in Ukraine (until 14 April). The Museum of natural history presents “The Animals in the work of Balzac” (from 6 April). The weekend of the 18th to the 20th of may is entirely devoted to the illustrious man of letters: theatre, performances, dances, Night of the museums Balzac… And the museum of Fine Arts launches its “Monumental Balzac”. The second half promises to be also very balzac type. And where is sleeping? In the family suite Honoré de The House of Jules, of course!

office de tourisme de Tours Val de Loire ( present the program of Balzac in Tours, on his website and sells stays.

David-Neel in Tibet The monasteries tick away in the heart of magnificent landscapes of Tibet. SDP/ORI

For days, we walked in the half-darkness of the thick virgin forests, and then, suddenly, a clearing showed landscapes, such that we see only in a dream. Sharp peaks pointing up in the sky, cold streams, waterfalls giant whose waters frozen hung draperies, glistening in the edges of the rocks, a fantastic world…” noted Alexandra David-Néel in his Voyage d’une Parisienne à Lhassa.

The trials and tribulations of the explorer and orientalist, the first Western to enter the city lamaïque, guided Terdav for his “Crossing of the central Tibet”. This exciting trip on the roof of the world ” starts in Lhasa, where Alexandra strode incognito disguised as a beggar in 1924 to discover the forbidden city and its surroundings: at Samyay, Drépung, Séra… before heading to Gyantsé (after being unmasked). Landscapes, historic sites, artistic marvels. This year marks sixty years of the exile of the dalai lama and the fifty years of the disappearance of the writer.

the Land of Adventure ( “Crossing the central Tibet”, from 3 990 €, 16 days all inclusive at the start of Paris. Next departures insured: the 8 June and the 1st of August.

Rimbaud to Paris, Hotel literary Arthur Rimbaud in Paris. SDP

Come, dear great soul, we call you, we are waiting for you.” In response to this invitation of Verlaine, to whom he had sent his poems, Arthur Rimbaud arrived in Paris, gare de l’est station (known as gare de Strasbourg), in September 1871. It is in this same district at 6 rue Gustave-Goublier, that just opened the Hotel a literary Arthur Rimbaud which is entirely dedicated. A mausoleum 4 star where one sleeps, eats, reads, meets, drink deep at the bar with a glass of absinthe to the hand… around the words of the poet.

The bet: “Find the emotion of Rimbaud through 42 rooms, of the original editions, a multilingual library of over 500 books, dozens of references, winks…” according to the bibliophile Jacques Letertre, president of the Society of Hotels in literature. In addition to the work of Rimbaud, architects, interior designers were also inspired by his travels, particularly to the breakfast room. An ideal base from which to rediscover Paris in the footsteps of the man with soles of wind!

Hotel literary Arthur Rimbaud ( Of 104 to 300 € double room.


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