Curator and former director of the Musée Galliera, Olivier Saillard has been appointed, in January 2018, at the head of the artistic direction, image, and culture of J. M. Weston. Plunging without delay, in the archives of the cobbler more than a hundred years, he discovered then that the models were once prized by boys of café de Paris, because of their comfort, their shoe sizes available in different widths and the service home repair offering a ressemelage quality in the workshops of Limoges, almost to the life.

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It was not necessary any more to this dandy scholar, storyteller, and author awesome performance on the mode, to imagine a presentation of the “6 to 9” at the Café of the Time, lair of the profession in the 1970’s and 1980’s and still open on rue de Bouloi (Paris I) two steps from les Halles and Palais Royal.

Literature of the counter

“I wanted this special collection is the opportunity to spend a moment of collective, joyous, and tender”

Olivier Saillard, creative director of J. M. Weston

“I wanted this special collection is the opportunity to spend a moment of collective, joyous and tender, he says playing the leads, a large apron of server tight at the waist. This tells the story around a coffee or a dish is not always to be taken at the foot of the letter, but we can remake the world sipping a glass. I wanted to meet the friends of Weston, freely and poetically.” The menu of the day in this collection of “Orders,” special only available on able, the mocassin 180, the shoe’s iconic shoemaker, from the twinks and the band of the Drugstore. These ten-seven variations in total, the original perfection, are shaped in a leather tannery Bastin, sometimes left natural, semi-sealed, of shoe-Polish black, printed a template of clothes from Cristobal Balenciaga, or embroidered by the maison Lesage, sometimes carved out of a single piece, or mounted on a thick sole. They are called “Mocaseul”, “My Bastin”, “Pain to you”, “Mocassieux”, “Ugly to care” or “Mocha Saint”. The servers are loosely on trays without stop, such as a flat mitonné throughout the day, a sauerkraut, or a leg of lamb of seven hours, which is eaten hot.

Seated, Inès de la Fressange, Christian Lacroix, Dominique Issermann, Martin Margiela, Marc Audibet, and a coterie of parisian savor the good words in French which accompany them, between stanzas chiseled and literature of the counter. The foreigners do not understand a piece. This between-self, is it not regrettable on the part of the illustrious house limougeaude, whose reputation and the valuable know-how radiate enough beyond our borders?


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