On a small road leading to Falmouth, in the north of the island, strange mannequins perched on solid bamboo planted in the ground seem as hung forgotten by the violence of History. Is it some ritual of obeah, the worship of ancestral native to equatorial Africa that has lived in Jamaica, and in a part of the west Indies, anglo-saxon? Their neat appearance – they are dressed in colorful costumes with masks doll wearing dark glasses – is all the more strange that they are decorated with vinyl records. One features the same, over the shoulder, a guitar in painted cardboard.

The reggae festival Rebel Salute draws thousands of Jamaicans each year. Eric Martin/Figaro Magazine

The attention to detail is extravagant. The one who asked where these figures had a reason serious to do that: to forbid a passage, or repel some evil spirits? Nothing of all this, in fact. Passing on his bike rack, a young farm worker stops and explains to us: these are simply fictional characters to scare the birds! Here, even the scarecrows make music! The atmosphere …

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