Article published on march 16, 2000 in Le Figaro

We don’t unpack everything that we have loved for thirty years, without a twinge. “I went three times at Christie’s where, until the 19th of march, I have 400 tables and as much furniture and objects of art exhibited prior to auction in Monaco and in New York (estimate $ 200 million francs, editor’s NOTE). The first two times, no emotion. The third, I felt that my two armchairs favorite to me were a reproach. A bit like a dog and leaving it, I guess. I turned the heels.”

Karl Lagerfeld, a passion for the Eighteenth century, ended with the Enlightenment that he dedicates to the bonfire of the auction. Need money? Unlikely. We, if we think about his career, his loves and his abandonments, his passions, successive to the scene, the houses (Monaco, Biarritz, Fontainebleau, Hamburg, Brittany), style (Versailles, Memphis, abstract expressionist), choices (fashion, photo, her art gallery and her …

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