Article published on 13 February 1986 in Le Figaro

it is Impossible to deceive: a catogan brown mixed with silver on the back of the neck and tinted glasses. This is Karl Lagerfeld: the fifties, the “son” of the milk Gloria by his father — a German baron —, model-maker revealed in Paris, at the age of sixteen, and perfumer since 1975. lI deploys an activity of the kind, and always in the humor, the lightness, that one hesitates between the clap or implore it to stop a minute to understand its ease, or surprising power of work. How this man in a hurry can he go so fast?

Under the brand Karl Lagerfeld, twice a year, a collection of ready-to-wear luxury, manufactured in Paris. A second, also biennial, sportswear less expensive, made in the United States and imported into France. All two, added a line cruise, are exported throughout the world. For Fendi, Italy, a third collection, twice a year, fur, ready-to-wear, knitwear, beach. For Chanel, …

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