Article published on 4 August 1990

Madame Figaro. – Graham Greene said: “there’s always a moment in our childhood where the door opens and lets the future in.” At what point to you the door is open?

Karl Lagerfeld. – Exactly! I am born in Hamburg and my mother always said: “Hamburg is the gate to the world, but this is only the door. Now, we must leave.” I went out to fourteen years. I had the good idea to learn French. What interested me, it was Paris, it was the fashion, its mythology, its magic. In Germany, there was a wave mode, but it was pie. If we do something, it should be where it is, otherwise it is stunning.

If you were a director, what literary work would you like to adapt?

But I hope to be one day! I would like to make a film based on a novel by Keyserling. I would like to recreate this atmosphere of Northern Europe at the beginning of the century. I am not nostalgic, but I like the idea of a …

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