“Karl was the last to make the link with the golden age of couture, we had said Pamela Golbin, a historian of fashion. This means not only the hand, the technique, but also the attention to the client. He was the last link in the exercise of this lineage of creators who have never dissociated the sewing trade. Like Madeleine Vionnet, who said that, if you don’t sell, we could close up shop.”

As Vionnet, Karl Lagerfeld has not only marked the history of the mode of his creations, but helped to change his profession. It is one of the cornerstones of the mutation of this sector, which too often we forget that in less than thirty years old, he is past of quasi-craft to one of the industry’s most powerful, particularly in France. For the first time, in June 2018, the very secret Chanel had released its financial results, € 8.6 billion of turnover (in 2017), far exceeding the estimates of the …

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