If he was still alive, King Camp Gillette would be a startuppeur. He possessed an entrepreneurial vision since his very young age, it was a conceptualiste,” says Pankaj Bhalla, director, North America of Gillette and Venus. In 1892, the agent of trade, who grew up in Chicago, continues his career in the business of manufacture of stoppers that comes to revolutionize the consumer society and the business of the lenses recorded with the capsule bottle. His boss has noticed his talents for the diy mechanic and ask him to invent an article in the same genre. This thought obsesses him, until this morning, when, before her mirror, an idea jumps out at you. “Preparing to shave, he realizes that the blade of the cutter cabbage does not work anymore. He then, imagine a piece of steel flattened, sharpened at both ends, held in place by a handle, a comb underneath and a cap on the top. It would be enough to change the blade damaged,” says Greg …

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