The Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg, which specialises in supercars, unveiled its new creation at the Geneva show. This brand is less well known that the major manufacturers of sports cars like Ferrari or Porsche, gave birth to machines that are entered in the record book. Several Koenigsegg are claiming in effect the tip speed the more of their time, in the category of vehicles licensed for public roads.

Although being oriented towards performance, this machine will not prevent the driver of a certain comfort. Koenigsegg

Aesthetically, the Jesko differs markedly from the other productions of the brand. Extravagance is always de rigueur with huge air intakes and a spoiler oversized, but the line of the overall vehicle looks and feels like no other supercar of the Swedish manufacturer. The back, with his big exhaust central, reminds us of a certain McLaren P1. These curves tortured are not there for the showing off: the downforce of the Jesko is 800 kg to 250 km/h and 1 000 kg to 275 km/h.

The carbon roof can be easily removed, in order to take advantage of driving hair in wind. Although focused on the performance, this machine will not prevent the driver of a certain comfort: infotainment system touch screen, USB ports, chargers, smartphone induction, Bluetooth connectivity, power seats, steering wheel and pedals adjustable, but also reversing radar are part of the endowment of the Jesko.

The behavior of the car does not seem to have been neglected, since the Jesko has the rear wheels guidelines. It also adopts the system of “Triplex” on the two axles. This device adds a third shock absorber, disposed to the horizontal, the front and rear suspensions. This allows, according to Koenigsegg, to avoid the back of too much dive to the acceleration, and to maintain some ground clearance at the front in the case of high aerodynamic load.

Under the hood we find a V8 biturbo engine of 5 litre 1 280 horsepower and 1,500 Nm of torque. If it sounds too just right, it is possible to boost the power to 1 600 horses in filling the tank of E85 ethanol. The automatic transmission 9 reports, called the “Light Speed” Transmission, would be different transmissions, dual-clutch or conventional.

On a double clutch classic, when a report is selected, the second clutch pre-selects the next speed to a speed of throughput optimal. A system that does not allow for a change of quick report that if one chooses a speed adjacent to the one engaged. The transmission of Koenigsegg would have a device called the “Ultimate Power” on-Demand”, able to release it from this constraint.

For example, if the seventh gear is engaged, and the speed for obtaining a maximum acceleration is the fourth, it would be possible to quickly change the report without passing through the fifth and the sixth speed. The performance of this device have not yet been communicated, but with 1,600 horses-for-1 420 kg, its power to weight ratio drops below 1 kg/ horse. What very few sports cars can claim.

The rear, with its large exhaust central, reminds us of a certain McLaren P1. Steven Wade


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