For the past two seasons, it invades the closets and the runways of Fashion week: the turtleneck. Flagship piece of the man stylish and sure value of comfort, this sweater warms up the style in the winter period. Kingdom or coloured, wool or cashmere, it offers multiple opportunities to wear a different look every day.

the eccentricity Of Gucci, the timeless classic Lacoste, the turtleneck is no longer reserved for the Captain Haddock and invites himself willingly in the walk-in closets.

stylish genuine black merino wool in will delight more than one and will warmly under a coat to go to work in a company, for example. A convenient way to say goodbye to scarves bulky. For the less recalcitrant, they can afford materials more fluffy and jacquard designs, which will give a little bit of vitamins for our deficiencies in winter.

For all the morphologies, and for all tastes, here is a selection above of models that will make the winter more fashionable.

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