LE FIGARO. – You are considered as a “game changer”. You think also?

Marc NEWSON. – Sometimes… (Laughter) It’s a compliment to be seen as well, but, of course, this is not what I think of when I work. I want to do my job in a way ambitious, with aspiration to be essential to explore what has not yet been done, trying to be original. More than success, it is finding an audience that interests me. My challenge is to identify a problem and its reality, and then to invent the product that will provide the solution. Be the first one who cleared, is not the easiest. It is even really difficult.

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How did you approach this project with Louis Vuitton?

All the world has need of baggage, but unfortunately, a lot of walking around with models that are not terrible. Hence the need that is mine to resolve this question when I look at the things that exist. Louis Vuitton came to pick me up because the field of exploration is vast. I’m glad to participate to this evolution. It also seems to me important to stress that this is a baggage that lasts a lifetime, that we can do a repair. I love this idea. It doesn’t cost more to have a good look and this must not be reserved for the elite.

You change the codes…

Create a model is one thing, rolling a carry-on bag is another. Louis Vuitton has a legacy undeniable, but it still took everything back to flat and consider changes of structures radicals. This kind of project requires a total commitment, large investments, technologies and experts. It happens that some companies do not fully understand this need. They follow the idea, the concept, but do not venture to go further. The participation and involvement of the teams and of the manufacture Louis Vuitton, able to go beyond the impossible, have been remarkable.

what is new?

rather, It is a technique or a process that I discovered via various other projects that I have made. The mesh shaped with a thread specific technique that includes elastic yarns and melt is essential on this project. It represents 90 % of the novelty. The process, without stitching, is adapted to the needs of the brand and this is what I had in mind. I specially designed each component. No items were taken from an existing model. We took advantage of our experiences, mutual exchanges and which are part of the collaboration that has already begun on the previous line. The research to arrive at the quality of this mesh are impressive.

How is this perceived by the public?

people do not always understand that the cards are changing, that new rules were put in place. Solve a problem is a challenge. But it is my job, it is the responsibility of the designer. What you should do, in addition, it is to educate our clients, help them to make a judgment.

It happened to me a funny experience not long ago. I was in an auction room for auction organized for the benefit of a charity. One of my bags was put on sale. My neighbor asked me what justified its price soar. He took me to hollow the head to explain why it was innovative and what was its value. Although knowing all the work it represented, for all the teams, I was struggling to articulate it. Because in the end, that in fact the cost is difficult to identify at first sight. Hence the importance of education.

artificial intelligence is already part of your daily life?

As for me, I am certain that artificial intelligence will take us on new paths. From the point of view of the industry, it will help to innovate, develop the materials, development processes, but it will not replace the human hand, the human touch. The luxury to call upon the talents, expertise, supports the artisans… The emotion will always be waiting for you in the future, at least I hope so, because the world still revolves around. The power of nature is still a source of inspiration vital, inexhaustible. It is becoming more and more important for all. The watch belongs to my daily routine. This probably comes from my childhood, I’m a permanent observer of my environment. We live in an extraordinary time, but it needs more lightness. The lightness is a goal that I am passionate about. And not just for the appearance. It is for this that I love and that I preferred the design to the architecture. I like the idea that we still have plenty of opportunities in the design.


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