With the 720’s now available in variant spider in addition to the 570’s Spider, the range McLaren now has two convertibles. Two new colours are introduced with this version convertible of the 720’s: “Belize Blue” and “Aztec Gold”. It should be noted that the pallet, with 23 colours, offers the “Supernova Silver”, a shade inheritance from the McLaren MP4-12C.

The chassis of carbon fiber “Monocage II-S” is specific to the version spider. It is derived from the structure “Monocage II” of the coupe, but doesn’t have the “spine” of central that runs from the front to the back above the passenger compartment. The stiffness of the carbon fiber allows you to move reinforcements in spite of the disappearance of the fixed roof. As well, the weight does not exceed 49 pounds compared to the coupe, and is mostly due to the retractable hard top and its storage space. The lines have not suffered from the removal of the roof. Quite to the contrary.

It should be noted that the peak velocity hair in the wind stood at 325 km/h. Mclaren

To empty, the new Spider McLaren has not more than 1332 kg on the scale. The retractable roof can be retracted until the speed of 50 km/h in only 11 seconds. A technology that has required the deposit of no less than three patents! A roof of electrochromic glass, having the ability to switch from transparent to tinted at the push of a button, is available as an option.

The rear spoiler is active adapts to the profile of the bodywork. His settings vary, therefore if the roof is raised or lowered. The tires are Pirelli P Zero origin may be replaced with Pirelli P Zero Corsa (more focused for the track) without supplement. The V8 biturbo engine of 4 litres always develops 720 horsepower for a torque of 770 Nm. The performance are almost identical to those of the coupe, with 2.9 seconds required to reach 100 km/h for 7.9 seconds to reach 200 km/h and a top speed of 341 km/h. The manufacturer takes care to specify that the lovers of driving in the open air will not be able to exceed 325 km/h!

The McLaren 720 S is already available for order, at a rate of 282 500 euros.

To empty, the new Spider McLaren has not more than 1332 kg on the scale. McLaren


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