If there’s only one left, I’ll be the one. Such to be the motto of the Class B from the constructor to the Star. In the ocean of the SUV, compact mpv keeps a steady course. Launched in 2005, it has sold over 1.5 million copies. It still has many supporters. Among them are may-be defectors of the Class, who left the clothes in the minivan and take on those of the sedan already in 2012.

Why ride in a minivan? This type of vehicle offers something that some motorists have found it difficult to move once they have tasted: the space. The modularity, the organization of space, is the corollary. Even if the SUV has long since bitten the hocks in this field, becoming over time more extensive and more practical, the minivan still retains adherents, especially among families that are looking for the easiest machines to ride as soon as it is piling the parcels or luggage.

aerators massive enough contrast with the smoothness of the double slab comprising the driving information. But the whole remains pleasant and offers good ergonomics. Daimler AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Carsphoto by Dirk Weyhenmeyer on behalf of Daimler AG

Dual-screen and head-up display

The new Class B meet the specifications of these irreducible? The answer is clearly positive. On the aesthetic level, the manufacturer has not given in to the temptation to be drawn into the orbit of the SUV, as Peugeot with its large, 5008. “Our designers had a mission to differentiate this new model of the universe of the minivans,” says the manufacturer. They are without a doubt reached, but their work is nothing spectacular. With lines instead of round, a beautiful height under the pavilion, and a large glass surface, this new Class B complies to the letter with the aesthetic codes of the minivan. Note, however, that no praiseworthy effort from the point of view of the aerodynamics, with a Cx (coefficient of penetration in air) of only 0, 24. This means less noise, air flow and a few grams of CO2 grapillés by an optimization of the consumption.

The changes appear more important in the interior, where we find the double slab comprising the driving information, become habitual on recent Mercedes, including the small Class A. It is available in three versions: with two screens of 7 inches (17, 78 cm), with a screen of 10, 25-inch (26 cm) and finally with two monitors of 10, 25 inches. A display “head high” is offered as an option. As on the E-Class, the controls are tactile with the finishing “Black Panel”, which offers more lighting at night is minimized. In contrast with the fine double slab, the five aerators appear to be well massive, but they are nice to use and functional On-line Style, “the fins have a colour which is more pronounced at the bottom of the nozzle, which reminiscent of the afterburners of the aircraft,” says his way to Mercedes. The mood lighting is illuminated by not less than 64 colors and 10 universe chromatic! Depending on the settings, the interior of the Class B evokes the colorful facades of Broadway. One will appreciate, or not.

In this configuration, the trunk has a capacity of over 700 litres. Daimler AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Carsphoto by Dirk Weyhenmeyer on behalf of Daimler AG

seats subtly comfortable

Question modularity, the rear seats is split according to the usual proportion 40/20/40, always appreciated by the drivers of the minivan. Depending on the device, these seats can slide 14 cm, and their files be placed in a more upright position. Alas, this possibility is available only from mid-2019, just as the foldable backrest of the front passenger, which allows you to carry objects of great length. The volume of the trunk can vary between 455 and 705 litres, an amount up to 1 up to 540 litres once the rear seats folded down and loaded up to the roof.

The seats are more horizontal and wider, with a widened range of settings. Their equipment is worthy of a top segment. Thus, they can be air-conditioned and offer a massage function. Special care, as it is often the case on German vehicles, is provided to the back support. An “Energizing”), in conjunction with electric adjustable and memory front seats, relieves subtly lumbar by small changes regularly to the tilt of the seat cushion and the backrest.

No, it is not the lever of the automatic gearbox (it is pushed along the wheel), but is based hand of course useful to use the touch pad located in front of him. Daimler AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Carsphoto by Dirk Weyhenmeyer on behalf of Daimler AG

Comfortable and agile on the road

The B-Class is equipped with the system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) which ensures the connectivity very broad. The voice command is activated in prononçants the words “Hey Mercedes!”. In condition to articulate his word, this system works properly. The driving aids are many. The most efficient (direction and speed controller active) are of course present at the appeal.

Two engines 4 cylinders 1, 3 l gasoline are available in 136 and 190 hp. Both have the cut-off cylinders when uses at low loads, and are associated to a box double-clutch 7-speed. We have tested for our part of a new group 2-liter diesel, developing 150 hp, available in 190 hp. This engine is the standard Euro 6d, which will not come into force at the beginning of 2020. It is coupled to an automatic gearbox double-clutch, also new, with eight reports.

This mechanism proved to be available at all plans without the manifestation of brio particular. As all engines diesel, it is quiet at a constant speed, and snorting in acceleration. The soundproofing is, however, reveals neat. Nothing to say about the comfort of walking, encouraged by the very good seats. As an option, as it is often customary at Mercedes, an active suspension allows you to adjust the damping setting. The transmission, fluid and fast, is to forget. His last report shows a bit too long, but downshifts instantly in case of need. The B-Class does well on the road? The sedan drivers have cut back their smile. Because this minivan shows up at the steering wheel is nimble and agile, aided by a precise direction, ensuring trajectories with the chalk line. What to do want to some cars more low.

technical sheet


engine Capacity: 1 950 cm3, 4-cyl. turbo diesel

Power: 150 hp at between 3 400 and 4 400 tr/min

Couple: 320 Nm between 1 400 and 2 200 tr/min

Transmission: Traction, box car with double-clutch 8-speed

Dimensions: (L/w/h mm): 4 419 x 1 796 x 1 562 mm

Safety: 455 1 545 litres

Weight: 1 535 kg


(0-100 km/h): 8, 3 seconds

Speed: 219 km/h

Consumption (mixed EU): 4, 5 l/100 km

Emissions (CO2): 119 g/km

Price: N. C

have shoulders large enough to give a touch of dynamic to the silhouette of the Class b Daimler AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Carsphoto by Dirk Weyhenmeyer on behalf of Daimler AG

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