• Six hundred and thirty-two tables stellate

The Guide 2019 has 11 michelin-starred more than last year, including 75 new stores.

• The club of 27

The Italo-Argentinian Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur, Menton), the award-winning this year with Laurent Petit (Le Clos des Sens, Annecy), is the only foreigner to enter the exclusive club of triple-starred.

• Five tables, 2-stars

Hugo Roellinger, son of Olivier (Le Coquillage in Cancale, 35) ; Christopher Hay (La Maison d’à Côté in Montlivault, 41), Stéphanie Le Quellec (The Scene of the Prince of Wales, Paris VIIIe), David Toutain (Paris VIIe), and Alexandre Mazzia (AM, Marseille, 13).

• Sixty-eight restaurants 1 star

A very raw provided, which comprises 18 first-time buyers in Paris. Among them: The Poule au Pot by Jean-François Piège (I), The Abyss of Yannick Alléno (Viii), Frenchie by Greg Marchand (IIe), Tomy & Co of Tomy Gousset (Vii), or NESO de Guillaume Sanchez (Ninth). But also Rozo (Lille), Roots (Rennes), Seasons (Marseille), Mirande (Avignon), The Ostal (Clermont-Ferrand) or The Sommelier (Lyon).

• Eleven women stellate

In addition to Stéphanie Le Quellec, ten heads, of which four in a duo with the men winning their first star: Amélie Darvas (Aponem, Vailhan, 34), Julia Sedefdjian (Baieta, Paris Ve), Naoëlle of Hainault (Gold Q Idea, Pontoise, 95) or Virginia Giboire (Roots to Rennes)…

• The Île-de-France, the most exciting region

With 22 tables award-winning (two 2-star, 20 to 1 star), in front of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes (12 starred, including a 3-star and eleven 1-star) and the Provence-Alpes – Côte d’azur (11 tables, including a 3-star, 2-star and nine 1-star). Only the Normandy region leaves empty-handed.

• The folly of the japanese always on

Shelter, Fall, Pilgrim, ERH, Sola, Yoshinori, Autumn, Virtus… The capital city sees many japanese chefs win once again their first star.

• Three new price

The red Guide has created three awards, presented through the experiences of the inspectors: the welcome and the service in the dining room at Sarah Benahmed (The Crocodile, Strasbourg) ; and la sommellerie (with Duclot) to Albert Malongo Ngimbi (The Table Saint Crescent, Narbonne) and the gastronomy sustainable (with the wines of Bordeaux) to Christopher Coutanceau (La Rochelle).

• act

The Michelin Guide of 2019 will be available in the points of sale from the Friday 25 January 2019 at a price of 24,90 €.

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